Aerospace Engineer Annalyscia Scites 7th period

What They Do

Aerospace engineers work on air crafts like gliders and space shuttles. They design and develop or help manufacture air crafts and rockets and space crafts.

Work conditions & Environment 

Working conditions are usually inside a lab or outside investigating crashes and failures. In the lab they test air crafts and investigate failures to improve the air craft.

Job Outlook

Aerospace engineers job employment is changing 2014-24 by -1,600 which is a 2% decrease difference. many aerospace jobs are declining and less jobs and there's no on the job training.


The education needed for an aerospace engineer is typically a masters degree or a Ph.D. and with some mechanical engineering degrees may specialize in aerospace work.

Colleges Nearby That Offer This Degree


The median salary is $107,830 in May 2015. The lowest 10% earned less than $67,850 and the highest 10% earned over 158,700.

Why I Choose This Career

I choose this career because i really have an interest in engineering, building items or improving products also i have an interest in flight and space crafts.

Study Skills I Could Improve

  • Studying longer
  • manage studying time and more


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