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I am a Native American, my name is Yanamarie and I'm here to explain three problems that are happening between my people and the Europeans, not only that but also how I would solve these problems. The reason I am doing this is because these conflicts are forcing my family and friends to go through terrible things and it's not in any way okay at all.

Explanation of problems

The three problems that have happened is first of all settlers moving West and into our land, which definitely is not okay with us because we have different beliefs about land appose to the Europeans, which I'll explain a little later, but of course they didn't care they still take over as if everything is there's. Another problem is our different beliefs about land, we don't believe in people owning land, of course you can use it and grow crops on land but it's not yours to keep, its like saying you own air, however the Europeans think owning land is the only way to live and be wealthy, they're just so selfish. The last problem is that the U.S. Government made promises, such as providing food for us, getting us new horses, and just in general to take care of us. Except they lied, they've hired guys to "take care of us", and they only care about themselves, many of us have passed away including children because of not eating, everything has gone so wrong and I'm determined to fix this.


Although the Europeans have done all these horrible things to us, there has been an attempt to fix these problems. This was known as the Dawes Act, what this did was basically tried making one of us Indians to start living the life style that the whites did, such as wearing the type of clothing they do, working for them, showing we were responsible enough to own land, only then would we be considered a citizen and granted some land ownership. Of course this did not work out because they were basically trying to force us to be someone we weren't, and not only that but they wanted us to break up our tribes and all be alone as an individual.


My solution is that we all share this land, but to an extant. This was our land first, meaning the Europeans do not get to be in charge. Of course they can use land for to grow crops and such, but they will not own any of it because not even us Native Americans that were here first own any land. It is free for all, but if one is caught breaking the rules then they don't get to use land for two weeks, longer if they continue to break the rules. This is going to be a loving environment but there will be punishment for bad behavior.

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Yasmeen Mora

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