Improvement Hour Presentationations By: Sabrina Miller

Emma Clara Barton

A person that I found has compassion is cops teacher parents. Because they have to have compassion and helps out with bully's. Like in Emma's presentation she made a bully film with has compassion.

Tiger lily Stone Wall Jackson

I think that teachers are motivating. Because they always want you to do go and get good grades. And Tigers idea was to give everyone in are class a motivational quote.

Hope Rose O'Neal Greenhow

I think that runners because runners have hope and Rose O'Neal Greenhow had hope. And her idea was to run a 5k for foster kids.

Bella Susie King Taylor

I think that everyone can have kindness and to help out. With animals a lot of people have a kind heart same people. And her presentation was to go to the humane society to help cats in need.

Ashton Robert E Lee

I think of me because I was really nervous. And I takes a lot to get people to present with confidences. And he was going to help people be strong and brave with there presentation.

Thayne Stone Wall Jackson

I think that people that donate can go with this. A lot of people out there will go out and help people. And he is going to give kids school supplies that can't afford it.


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