Hot New Video Features in Premiere Pro and After Effects #CreateEDU

The Adobe Video applications have had significant changes this spring, 2018. In this session, we will explore the new Essential Sound and Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro. We will also go over the After Effects to Premiere Pro workflow for creating motion graphic titles.

Premiere Pro CC

Essential Graphics and Type Tool (The tool bar changed!)

April 2018 Release: Gradient Fill for shapes and the ability to animate your titles in the essential graphics panel!

October 2017: They include responsive time and position edits, favoriting fonts and font previews, rolling credits, and more templates!

April 2017: This is when it all started with the brand new Essential Graphics panel.

Essential Sound in Premiere Pro

April 2018 Auto (Audio) Ducking: Premiere Pro will now automatically lower your music when someone it talking provided you identify the clips as Dialog and Music!

Color Panel Magic!

April 2018 Color Match: This allows you to match the look of one shot based on another.

After Effects

Master Properties

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