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Cloning- Cloning can be done naturally and artificially. For example Daniel Rader and Ryan Rader are identical twins. They both share the exact same DNA and finger prints. Mice have been artificially cloned and share the same DNA because scientists modified the blastocyst while it was in the early stage and entered the original mouses DNA.


Cloning- The cell replicates asexually without any alteration. Biomedical cloning is the duplication of any kind of biological matter, which can be broadly defined. Reproductive cloning was originally carried out by artificial twinning. SCNT has been a cloned embryo carried out by implanting into a uterus.


Stem Cell Research

Embryonic comes from human blastocysts. Also they can come from certain mammalian species. A blastocyst is a specialized bundle of cells that can turn into any cell. Stem cells can also be taken from adults but they do not function as well because they already have the original DNA from the donor inside which would then make it impossible to have a match in the DNA.


Genetically Modified Organisms-

A genome that has been engineered in the laboratory to express a certain desired trait. Scientific methods that use recombinant DNA technology. Per example the apple above has been genetically modified to have another fruit inside of it. Genetically modified organisms can be more than just food. Animals and people can be modified as well.


Genetically modified Organisms express the desired traits of other things. A hagfish has been genitically modified to produce silk that can be used to replace polyester.


DNA fingerprinting and crime scene investigation:

A fingerprint is a unique print that helps determine who a person is. Everyone, white the exclusion of identical twins, have a unique fingerprint. Forensics scientists and pathologists use fingerprints at crime scenes to figure out who committed the crime and who the victim is. A finger print is just like DNA, unique and easily determined when examined.


Crime scene detectives check the area for Fingerprints and DNA to figure out who the suspect is. Without a fingerprint it would be harder to find the culprit and or victim. Finger prints leave a unique print full of oils and residues.


Autosomal DNA tests, unlike Y- or mtDNA tests, survey a person’s entire genome at over 700,000 locations where genetic markers that identify an individual typically appear. Personal ancestry has to do with your genetics and where it has originated from. A paternity kit tests the DNA of a male and you to see if he is your father if the father is unknown.


PCR and gel electrophoresis

The vitro amplification of a specific segment of DNA using a thermostable enzyme. PCR can produce a DNA fingerprinting pattern for forensics purposes, such as identifying blood at a crime scene


PCR is used to make many specific regions of DNA. It relies on a thermostable DNA polymerase. Also it is a common laboratory technique.


plasmids, recombinant DNA, and transgenic organisms

transgenic modification of eukaryotes such as plants and animals (including humans) opens up many new approaches to research because genotypes can be genetically engineered to make them suitable for some specific experiment A plasmid is a small, circular, double-stranded DNA molecule that is different from a cell's chromosomal DNA. Recombinant DNA is DNA that has been made artificialily.



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