My AGP Learning Journal Tara Doherty

This is a my Adobe Gen Pro learning journal. I intend to keep a fluid journal reflecting on the assignment, the content creation process, the creative process and most importantly on what I have learnt.

Assignment One: For Class 1, Identify a problem that you would like to solve as part of this UX course. Over the course of this week, find a time to conduct some observations or chat through some questions with people who would be users of this.

Class 1 assignment criteria: 1. Identify the key problem. 2. Create some user personas, export to PDF and post to the assignment forum. 3. Includes a brief reflection in your "Learning Journal" on your process.

PERSONAS - The task was to create some personas, fictional users for my proposed app. The purpose of the task is to understand the users and to develop empathy for them.

MY UX PROBLEM - To create an entertainment app which suggests pubs and venues based on the users selected criteria.

The idea came to me on a rare sunny summers day in Dublin, Ireland, when out with my partner in town we were searching for the nearest beer garden where we could chill with a drink and enjoy the weather. We struggled to find suitable places through Google searching, and google maps. We were directed to one pub only to find when we got there that the garden was closed for renovations. Another pub the garden was out of use due to function on that day. When we finally found somewhere, a pub that we had passed an hour before, it started raining! So I thought of an app were the user could select a bunch of required criteria, eg. beer garden, vegan food, craft beer, live jazz band on a Monday night, etc., and then be directed to the nearest suitable venue. There would be the ability to rate the amenities, and for the venues to post special offers or deals.

I found making the personas quite difficult at first, because haven't had the time or resources to conduct real life data to inform the personas. I then found it helpful to read other students personas to help me focus on what I would need to know about my users. Once I got started I found myself really empathising with these supposed users, and what they might want from the app.

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