the life of Dian Fossey in short by caroline burke

Dians early years consisted of her father, George Fossey , an insurance agent, leaving her mother, becoming forgotten on purpose by the rest of the family, her mother then got married to Richard Price, despite Dian calling him father, her step-father never adopted her. Richard Price was a vary stern traditionalist, and was vary disciplinary to Dian, to the point where she couldn't even eat dinner with her own parents and spend normal time with them, as any child in that situation would be, she was vary lonely like other children in her situation, as a result she was vary fond of animals. When she grew older she became a nurse at a children's hospital and then one of her friends went to Africa to go on a safari and, after quite some time she saved enough money to go herself and she discovered what her true calling was, researching animals in Africa, mostly the mountain gorilla.

Top left: Dian Fossey as a child/Top right and bottom left: Dian as a nurse in a children's hospital/Bottom right:Dian as a gorilla researcher in Africa

While in a jungle in Africa, She set up a camp and hired many employees to help with the camp and keep track of various gorilla groups within the area, all seemed well at first, then conflict happened between the local cattle herders, park officials, and even poachers. The problem with the cattle herders is that they would bring their cattle in the forest to feed, driving the gorillas up the hills and away from some of their food sources, Dian and her group from the camp would drive away the cattle and their owners with guns and various other means of force. When researching exotic wildlife, poachers will always become a problem at some point, however these poachers here where consistent and vary annoying, to the point were they always had to keep an eye out for poacher's traps, camps and tracks to control it, however this sometimes failed and some gorillas, such as dian's favorite, Digit, sadly got killed for their hands and head to make into tourist souvenirs for some sick and twisted tourists.

The police and park officials soon also became an issue, however they where not such a huge issue such as the poachers. She gave the park officials more funding ,which gave them more motivation to actually do their job such as capturing poachers for cash rewords and driving away cattle herders whenever possible. The police were an issue at first, but Dian earned their respect by becoming somewhat of a local celebrity after doing many documentaries about wildlife, voicing over some other wildlife documentaries and discovering new behaviors from the gorilla's she was researching.

Despite all of groundbreaking research on mountain gorillas, Dian's heath would get in some rough patches, like the time she broke her ankle and decided to create it at camp instead of going to a hospital, which left her at the hospital for a week and unable to visit any gorillas for a few months, or when she contracted an unknown disease that ended up being a serious infection somewhere in her pelvis, which also hindered her research of the gorillas for a month or two, then there was the time where she thought she got lung cancer or a lung disease of some sort when in reality it was just allergies to some kind of pathogen in the air at that time of the year. However, when ignoring those small mistakes, you can realize that her heath was good for a middle aged woman living in a country (at that time) with horrible healthcare, non-existent dental care, and much more active diseases then America had at that time.

Dian Fossey's mysterious death

For nearly fifty years her death has been shrouded in mystery, on December 26, 1985 she was found murder, beaten to death then had her face torn in half by a single machete blow to the skull and gun ammunition beside her. An investigation began, the police first rounded up all known formerly hired trackers, cooks and cleaning employees Dian ever hired there, most of them were released for having no motive to kill her except Wayne Richard McGuire, who was first to find her dead, he fled to America because he knew of a legal loophole that if he went back, he would be free of any charges of the crimes he may or may not have done in Africa, then he emitted his innocence saying that the death of her was "tragic". Soon it turned into a cold case, and focus was quickly grabbed by her will, which states that all of her estates, earnings from her book "Gorillas in the Mists", and money from her upcoming film, would go to the "Dian Gorilla fund" (later called "The digit gorilla fund" then "the international dian fossey gorilla fund") to help save more wild life within Africa, however her parents saw a loop hole within it because it was only a draft, she was beginning to work on the finished will when she was murdered, and her parents took everything to oversee the Gorilla fund. This quickly raised more questions around her death, sense her parents(specially her stepfather) where'nt the most kind and suportve parents, in fact they where cold to her when she was a child and wanted her to quit going to Africa at one point, thought her career they wanted to control her and stop her from doing any more research in Africa. This began to raise speculation that her own parent's hired hitmen in Africa to murder their only child to take control of her will before she ever finished to take advatange of this legal loophole, a lot of evidence this supported this, however this wasn't looked into further when her parents started to give back the money to Dian's gorilla fund and parents murdering their children was thought to be too unlikely at that point in time. So then, they decided to look more publicly for the murderers, they discovered that most locals who owned cattle farms, or hunted to craft souvenirs for tourists actually hated her because she would chase them away from the jungle or nature reserve, thus hindering there small business. Dian made many friends in Africa, but she also made many, many enemies with local poachers and cattle herders, at that point the police speculated that local poachers killed her so that they could hunt and kill exotic wildlife for tourist souvenirs and local trading once again unhindered by americans camping and reasurching wildlife there. they then spent nearly forty years investigating local poachers and due to lack of evidence no one was ever caught.

(And that was the life of Dian Fossey summarized somewhat, I apologize if I rambled a bit too much on her death, but her death baffled everyone at the time because it was a random act of violence to someone who devoted their entire life to helping wildlife and others, I also apologize if it is not to your liking or taste for Adobe Spark pages.)

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