Hot Air Balloons By BeNjamin, Joseph, and Srinidhi

Basically, hot air balloons work by using propane to heat up the air inside of the balloon. This renders the air inside of the balloon less dense than the surrounding air, which makes the balloon float up.

Confused? Let us explain.
Space to draw a balloon.

Do you want to do a problem involving a hot air balloon? Actually it doesn't matter because you're going to do one.(ignore the fact that it's more of a weather balloon than a hot air balloon... you can thank us later that it's actually on the extra credit though)

A weather balloon containing 450L of helium is sealed at BHS on a rainy day when the pressure is .97 atm and the T is 22 degrees celsius. What is the new volume of the balloon at an altitude of 10,000 feet where P=0.65 atm and T=-4 degrees celsius?

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