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The Story Collider - Producer and storyteller: Sharing true, personal stories about science.

Ted x Northwestern: Can science bring us closer together and show us how we are all connected in a deeper level?

Qualitative Methods in Science Communication: This presentation at Buffet Institute goes through what qualitative methods in science communication research, executed in a science center look like.

Astronomy Conversations: The Astronomy Conversations are informal presentations, hosted by Adler’s Astronomy and visualization staff as well as researchers from local universities and laboratories. This is an opportunity for attendees to engage in a conversation with a scientist.

Stargazing in the City: Different opportunities to bring the space down to Earth by setting up binoculars in parks in Tehran and explaining the science of the night sky.


The Stuff of Science and the Science of Stuff - Writings and comics related to science, life as a scientist, mental health, and science communication.

What to Know about Cancer - Series of articles in the Iranian magazine on breaking bad news, patient's self care, etc.

Poliklinika - Cancer’s New Image in Iran: On the role of NGOs in advocating cancer

PhDrinking Podcast - How to Make a Science-Entertainment Cocktail

The Cosmic Rey's personal YouTube


The Cosmic Rey's Instagram

Adler Planetarium blog

Training and Workshops

Northwestern University, US - A Compassionate Scientist’s Toolkit (Winter 2019). A research credit course for an undergraduate student.

ComSciCon - IONS, US - Science Communication (Summer 2018). Co-organizing and co-facilitating a science communication workshop.

Northwestern University, US - Health Communication (Spring 2018). Teacher Assistant for an introductory class.

Adler Planetarium, US - Science Communication (2016 - Present). Teaching communication and storytelling to speakers of Adler’s SVL.

Brave Initiatives, US - Public Speaking (Winter 2016). Public Speaking Skills for young girls interested in social impact.

Buffet Institute, US - Qualitative Methodology (Fall 2016). Invited speaker on the topic of qualitative methods in science communication.

Sepas NGO, Iran - Communication Skills (2012 - 2015) Ongoing workshops for volunteers and professionals in field of cancer advocacy.

Imam Hossein Hospital, Iran- Health Communication (Summer 2014). Workshop on doctor-patient communication for the nursing staff.

IFMSA, Iran - Health Communication (Summer 2012). Workshops on doctor-patient communication and clown physicians.

Imam Ali NGO, Iran - Communication Skills/ Grief (2012 - 2015). Workshops for volunteers working with children experiencing chronic illness.


RIT - Misinformation Solution Forum, US - Graduate student fellow (Fall 2018). Provided consultation for the winning idea "Mind Over Chatter: Bias Mitigation for College Students"

Sepas NGO - Pain Control and Palliative Care, Iran - Project manager (2015). A campaign advocating for palliative care and responsible pain control in cancer, based on interactive activities.

Origami prompts that leas the audience to information on the website.

Sepas NGO - Breast and Prostate Cancer Prevention, Iran - Project manager (2014). A campaign advocating for preventive care in breast and prostate cancer.


Honest Science T-Shirts - "Black holes don't suck!" Did you know that black holes actually don't suck? Think of them as objects with really really really strong gravity. Like a hole in the texture of space and everything that comes too close to it, will fall in it. Find more designs here:

Science Ninjas: Valence Plus - board game copywriter.

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