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I am currently a Senior at California State University, Fullerton majoring in Business Administration with Concentrations in Finance and Business Economics. Upon graduation in May 2019, I am seeking a research analyst position in private equity, investment banking and asset management. Furthermore, I will work toward my CFA Level I in the Fall of 2019.

I currently hold various leadership positions at CSUF. I am a Senior Supplemental Instruction Leader and Secretary for Student Managed Investment Fund. Recently, I began a position as an Equity Analyst at Titan Capital Management. I work with 16 other Analysts to manage a $1.5 million portfolio with prudent by following our client's IPS and understanding their risk tolerance. These active positions allow me to self-discover my interest in the financial market and learning from my peers.

My past positions include interning at Fidelity Investments, which further my understanding of Personal and Workplace Investing; and Financial Coordinator at a small chiropractor business.


California State University, Fullerton | Senior Supplemental Instruction Leader (January 2017 - Present): I lead over eight History SI Leaders to develop extensive lesson plans for students weekly. Individually, I work with over ten students to further enhance their understanding and memorization of History before the 1400's. Through these weekly sessions with my students, I was able to improve their grades by approximately a letter grade higher than the class's average. This position has allowed me to strengthen the distanced relationships between professors and over 80 students.

Fidelity Investments | Operational Intern (May - July 2018): I work closely with Financial Representatives and Relationship Managers to deliver exceptional client experience. One of my main duties consist of organizing daily works to ensure accurate operational movements before and after trading days. In order to further my understanding of Personal Investing, I attended meetings with Financial Consultants and their clients about their retirement planning.

Divine Spine | Financial Coordinator (July 2016 - May 2018): My two years at DS has further my client-interaction skills by addressing over 25 clients's health-related needs daily. I worked closely between the clients and their appropriate insurance companies to ensure timely reimbursements. In addition, I conducted weekly meetings to improve the practice's productivity and profitability by over 30% since my inception.


Titan Capital Management | Equity Analyst (May 2018 - Present): As an Equity Analyst, I cooperate with 16 Equity and Fixed Income Analysts to manage a $1.5 million portfolio. We analyze the current and future economic conditions to prudently allocate our client's assets. I utilize Bloomberg Terminal and Excel to create buy/sell reports of companies that will best fit the client's IPS and minimize their risk exposure.

Student Managed Investment Fund | Secretary & Equity Analyst (February 2018 - Present): As one of the Board of Directors, my goal is to help create a supportive environment among our membersĀ and strengthen their analytical skills by sharing their knowledge of finance and investments with one another. We also discuss the current economic events that can affect our client's portfolio. Since the organization is made up of early finance students, we assist in building their understanding of macroeconomics. By organizing weekly meetings, I help build the collaborative skills among the Equity and Fixed Income team.


  • FIN 320: Financial Management I
  • FIN 321: Financial Management II
  • FIN 340: Introduction to Investments
  • ECON 315: Intermediate Business Microeconomics
  • ECON 320: Intermediate Business Macroeconomics
  • ECON 340: Economics Research Methods
  • ISDS 361A: Business Analytics I
  • ISDS 361B: Business Analytics II


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