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Dynamic, engaging and a highly qualified communications professional with over 10 years’ experience in Higher Ed and the IT industry. Possesses strong interpersonal and organizational skills with the ability to lead, prioritize/multi-task, direct, solve problems and a demonstrated ability to work well under pressure.

Both a dreamer and a visionary while also focusing on completing daily tasks and short term goals.

Myers-Briggs Personality type ENFP.

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Recommendation 1: Connie Allison, Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies Office of the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs for Liberty University

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jessica Johnson to you. During her years at Liberty, she has not only demonstrated technical abilities, but also a strong business sense, exceptional communication skills, and an ability to lead.

Jessica has also shown herself to be a faithful worker and works well with people. I know she would be a wonderful employee, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement."

Recommendation 2: Tom Hinkley, Manager, IT Innovative Learning & Strategic Relationships for Liberty University.

"I've known Jessica for the past five years, working first as a peer in IT Communications and then as her direct supervisor in IT Innovative Learning & Strategic Relationships. Over that time, I've come to appreciate her as someone who can approach things from a creative perspective while understanding process at the same time. Jessica has a unique ability to take something from the ideation stage and bring in the appropriate people to help ensure the project is accomplished.

I recommend Jessica Johnson without reservation. If I can be of any other assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me."

Recommendation 3: Mike Gibbs, Associate Director of Customer Support for Liberty Univeristy

"Jessica has been an incredible asset to my department over the last few years through her work on a variety of customer-facing initiatives. Her organizational abilities, people skills, and ability to cut through red tape to get things done have helped me and members of my team complete multiple marketing campaigns and gather valuable customer feedback that is reliable and actionable. Her great attitude and can-do spirit have always made working with her enjoyable and productive!"

Recommendation 4: Ben Manley, Founder of Knapsack Creative Co.

"Jessica is very organized, professional and lots of fun to work with. She is excellent at communicating with customers even in tense situations and brings the best out in others."

Positive Emails

In response to the "TEC Emphasis Week" initiative:


- John Gauger Chief Information Officer, Liberty Univeristy

In response to the marketing & planning of SW PMI Chapter Meetings:

"Jessica, I just wanted to send a big thank you for all you do and have done for our Southwest Virginia Project Management Institute (PMI) Chapter in 2016 and in years past. Your coordination of insuring we have a great meeting location, marketing of our events with the LU community, knowledge of how to get things done and just overall enthusiasm for hosting our events, guarantees that we have successful meetings at Liberty every time."

-Darryl Agee, VP of Program, SW Virginia PMI Board

In response to demonstrating new presentation tools to a residential class:


- Cari Smith, Faculty Support Coordinator & Adjunct Instructor, Liberty Univeristy

Jessica, just a quick thanks for all of the time you committed to organizing such a wonderful group of people, the logistics, the facility, the tour, etc. As always, Liberty sets the bar for hosting your visitors and I know I speak for all of us hoping for a return again soon!

- Ken Taylor, Head of Sales - Kaltura Learning & Federal Government

Noteworth Projects

IT Vision Cast Event

Took an integral role in orchestrating the first IT Vision Cast event for the University's new Deputy CIO.

Summary of event:

  • Planned and coordinated all communication & logistics for event: invitations, food, lighting, stage set up, presentation, run sheet, technical support, live stream and follow up communication and surveys
  • Over 400 staff members in person to hear vision and goals from their Directors
  • Event well received and liked by attendees

Feedback from guests:

"Blew my expectations. This event looked legit! It could have looked like a presentation at a major national conference."

"This really was an impressive & thoughtful event that I haven't seen done within an IT dept. This is on par with many Corporate State-of-the-Business Reviews I've seen."

"All in all I think it was incredibly successful. I have heard nothing but positive things about the event."

TEC Emphasis Week

During my time as team lead over the IT Training department I was faced with the challenge of increasing our classroom attendance and ushering more Faculty and Staff to utilize IT products and services available to them. We were offering classes but our overall attendance numbers were low.

To combat this I lead my team in the creation, marketing and implementation of a new event called TEC Emphasis Week . We developed a variety of short learning sessions tailored to the needs of Faculty and Staff. Our goal was to equip and empower Liberty users to use new technologies in their classes and/or departments. We saw great results in the participation of these events and in the general adoption of new technology resources across campus.

TEC Emphasis Week
  • During our first TEC Emphasis Week in the fall of 2015 we offered five days of training with 31 learning sessions. Our total training attendance was 269.
  • We offered a 2nd TEC Emphasis Week in the Spring of 2016 with four days of training including 22 learning sessions. Our total training attendance was 175.
  • Throughout the Summer and Fall of 2016 we offered additional TEC Emphasis Days. A single day of learning with back to back classes. We offer a total of four TEC Days, taught 20 classes with a total training attendance of 344.

In Summary: The TEC Emphasis Week initiative gave IT a new platform to share and train on new technologies resources as well as gather valuable feedback from users. In one year we offered 73 classes and our total training attendance was 788. Users enjoyed the learning sessions and were excited incorporated the technologies into their daily work lives.

Feedback from Attendees:

"Looking forward to sharing presentations with our online faculty. Excited to use all I learned in these sessions in my work here at Liberty. Thanks for a great day of learning new ways to spice up the everyday work load.

"Classes were fun and extremely helpful!"

"Thank you again, these were wonderful classes and I learned a lot of useful information to help me be a more efficient employee."

IT Services Fair

Lead in the creation and facilitation of the University's largest and most profitable IT marketing event, the IT Services Fair. This was a brand new initiate that was never done before on campus. The goal of the fair was to establish an event that would build awareness around the IT services and products provided to the Liberty community.

Faculty, Staff and Students were able to connect with partnering vendors and IT staff members and to ask questions, see demos, provide feedback and gain broader understanding of IT resources available to them.

The fair included, vendor and IT booths with contests, free food, giveaways, trainings, demos, networking and door prizes. NOTE: We were able to launch this event successfully with a very small budget.


1. ) The success of the fair made it become an annual event and other departments started launching similar events on campus.

2. ) There was steady growth in participation with total attendance increasing by 300 people in two years.

  • Fall 2014, 510 Attendees
  • Fall 2015, 722 Attendees
  • Fall 2016, 813 Attendees

3. ) We received a tremendous amount positive feedback from Faculty, Staff, Students about the impact and value of the event.

"It was a great Experience, thank you for all the knowledge."

"Great information presented to us students and an opportunity to learn more."

"I made some great connections with new contacts within the University and found it to be a valuable event information-wise; I learned some new things about technology that I'll be able to implement in our department, and made new contacts who will help improve our departments processes."

"A great explanation of IT products and how I can use them to better my education and lifestyle."

"Folks were very informative and I walked away knowing their product"

Student Technology Council

I took integral part in establishing the University's first Student Technology Council (STC). The STC was created to voice student body concerns in regards to technology used within academia.

My accomplishments for the project include:

  • Recruiting over 50 students (both residential and online students) to join the STC, we had to cut this back and hand select 15 students to represent the student body.
  • Successfully planned and facilitated ten STC sessions. This included: securing a date, a time, a location, technical support, food, preparing meeting agendas, sending out video conference links and meeting invites, facilitating conversations and reporting back to IT leadership on feedback gathered.
  • Since launching the STC we have seen a major impact. We have kick-started 10 new initiatives for the university, 4 which are now completed, 2 are on-going and 5 which are in-progress.

Feedback from STC Members:

"I like having my voice heard and seeing the actions being taken to fix the areas that the students are having issues with."

"Being able to bring requests and improvements to our school using technology in any way is an incredible thing to be a part of and I am very glad I have this unique opportunity."

"I really enjoyed just getting to connect with people in the LU IT department and especially hear about new technologies coming to campus."

Volunteer Work

Spring Valley Farm

I currently act as a volunteer at Spring Valley Farm located in Moneta, Virginia. I began volunteering in the spring of 2016 and during this time I have lead efforts in the marketing and promotion of the Farm and it's services. This includes the creation and distribution of marketing items such as newsletters, events, brochures, business cards, social graphics and e-brochures. Additionally, I help with general maintenance and care of the equestrian facility and animals and assist during special events and trails rides.

Samples of projects below:

Volunteer work during festivals and trial rides.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

I have been a volunteer with the Big Brothers Bigs Sisters organization of Central Virginia for over 5 years. Their goal is "to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring professionally supported one to one relationships that change their lives for the better". During this time, I have acted as a "Big Sister" and had the joy of building a rewarding relationship with my "Little Sister" through authentic conversation, group sponsored events and fun activities.

Brentwood Church

I've been actively involved with Brentwood Church for many years from serving on the Connections Team as a greeter, to participating in outreach/missions work, to most recently taking lead role in coordinating a two day woman's conference with over 100 woman in attendance.

Missions Trip to El Salvador and Relentless Pursuit Woman's Conference
"Jessica is professional in every aspect of her leadership. She is always focused on the details while engaging with all of those she is leading."

-Robin Foutz, Founder of Relentless Living Ministries

"Jessica has a contagious spirit and is a pleasure to have part of any team"

-Kevin Mahan, Connections Pastor, Brentwood Church

Conferences & WorkShops

I have attended a variety of conferences and workshops in recent years to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and developments in the Marketing, Training and Higher Education industry. Events attended include:

Experiential Marketing Summit: Using live experience to amplify reach, convert customers and drive sales. Website

Learning Solutions Conference & Expo: The Convergence of Technology & Training. Website

ACCS Conference: Association of Collegiate Computing Services of Virginia. Website

Qualtrics Insight Summit: World’s largest insight summit for customer expierence, market research and employee insights. Website

Lynchburg Area Woman in Technology (LAWIT) Forums: Lynchburg Regional Technology Council. Website


  • Microsoft Office Specialist (Office 2003, 2007, 2010)
  • CompTIA A+ Certified, Remote Support Technician
  • HDI Suport Center Analyst, HelpDesk Inistute
  • Certified Pearson VUE Test Administrator
(Digital Certificates)

Let's Connect!

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you. Please see my contact information below.

Cell Phone: (941) 320-0845


LinkedIn Profile

Ending with words from Mark Twain:

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