Allen Eagle Escadrille TWIB Notes August 17-23, 2020

Message from Dr. Obado

Here is a glance of this week's announcements. Please scroll down for more details.

  • Marching Band Picture day
  • Marching Band performance dates.
  • Reminder that all Tuesday& Thursday evening rehearsals (6pm-8:30pm) are required for members of the marching band. Scroll down for information.
  • Allen Band Booster Association (ABBA) Announcements
  • Our Excused Absence Request Form and our Recurring Athletic/Activity Conflict forms are live.
  • Online registration is past due. All students (at-home, at-home/marching band, in-person/marching band) must complete the online registration process.
  • Music (including region music), section videos, and fundamental videos are available on www.allenband.com
  • Private lessons (virtual) are encouraged and recommended! Who is your teacher?
  • Three-Week calendar

Rehearsals This Week

  • Tuesday 6:00p-8:30p (EVRYBODY)
  • Thursday 6:00p-8:30p (EVERYBODY)

Please check-in WITH YOUR STUDENT IDs at your designated areas. See links below for details.

Marching Band News

Bring your student IDs to rehearsal. We will scan your IDs for attendance.

2020 Performance Calendar

  • Sept 19: PICTURE DAY in Eagle Stadium
  • Sept 25: Plano East
  • Oct 2: Atascocita
  • Oct 16: Tyler Lee (Homecoming)
  • Oct 30: McKinney Boyd (Boo Bowl)
  • Nov 13: Denton Guyer
  • Nov 14: Region 25 UIL Marching Contest (Nov 16: Rain Date)
  • Nov 27: Prosper (Senior Game)

Note that Saturday, Sept. 19 will be our marching band picture day. Rather than having them in the gym, we will have them in Eagle Stadium. Please put this Saturday in your calendars for an early morning session. Details soon.

2020-21 Student Dietary Questionnaire

If your student will need special dietary accommodations made for snacks and meals, please fill out this form, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf9E4U_N-U0ayJf5Yzv8XeSRvIivR1we_8-bH9epmCsPpWVJA/viewform

Allen Band Booster Membership

Please consider becoming a member of Allen Band Booster Association. Your membership dues fund the band and colorguard programs with equipment, resources, staff support, scholarships and more. You can find more information at www.allenband.com/membership

Spirit Wear

Last week to purchase 2020 Show shirts, Christmas Ornaments and custom Moonlight Threads. Purchase today at www.allenband.com/store

Excused Absence Request Forms

If you are sick or have an event/appointment planned at least 3-weeks in advance, please fill out the EXCUSED ABSENCE REQUEST FORM for every day you are requesting an excused absence.

Dr. Obado will approve recurring absences due to AISD athletics, Non-UIL athletics, club sports, and other regularly held activities for this season only (since we are rehearsing on Tuesday/Thursday evenings). Non AISD athletic group absences can be excused, but not subject to the PE credit waiver if you miss more than 10% of our rehearsals. Please fill out the RECURRING ATHLETIC/ACTIVITY CONFLICT FORM by 12pm on Monday, August 17th.

Both forms can also be found on www.allenband.com.

Online Registration Past Due

Registration is now past due. Please see the link above to complete your registration. ALL students regardless of At-Home, In-Person, Marching Band, or Non-Marching Band are required to complete the online form.

The purpose for registration is to:

  • Submit required paperwork
  • Pay required marching band fees (if applicable)
  • Pay instrument usage fees if you are using a school-owned instrument
  • We will establish a distribution day for paid items soon (BEFORE our first performance).

Music & Section Fundamentals

See link above for access to All-Region music, stand tunes, traditional show music, and Star Wars music (directors will assign parts). Parts to Bohemian Rhapsody and our drill team/color guard tunes will be added soon.

Included in this link is a section video page. This page includes links and Remind codes for each section. There is also a great video produced by our Band Council and SLTs on our marching fundamentals. You can view this resource to practice at home!

Private Lessons (Virtual)

All students are highly encouraged to take private lessons. Currently, lessons are offered virtually as we will not have face-to-face lessons in AISD at this time. Know that All-Region Auditions will be VIRTUAL this year. Taking virtual lessons will give you a huge opportunity for maximizing your potential as you prepare for your virtual All-Region audition.

You may take lessons during your assigned band class (At-Home & In-Person). Directors will have a list of students that have lessons each day during class. At-Home students on-line must check-in with director before leaving for their virtual lesson. In-Person students must check-in before their lesson time; they may have their virtual lesson in a practice room. Practice rooms will locked if not being used for a lesson and sanitized/locked after all lessons.

Three-Week Calendar

  • Aug 10: Marching Rehearsal (6-8:30p)Aug 11: Marching Rehearsal (6-8:30p)Aug 12: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (remote)Aug 13: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)


  • Aug 18: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)
  • Aug 20: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)


  • Aug 25: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)
  • Aug 27: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)


  • Sept. 1: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)
  • Sept. 3: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)
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