Mykonos the greek paradise

By Marcos Ramírez

Mykonos, the party island of Greece

This is the Ibiza of Greece. A beautiful island in the Cyclades, which looks just like the postcards: white little houses with flowers and blue windows and doors, hand painted streets, windmills, pigeon keepers, chimneys, lots of little churches and wonderful restaurants and cafes.

Many of the Greek "jetsetters" either have a house here or visit every summer, and the nightlife is very developed. You will see a lot of eccentrics especially at night time. Even though it is a party-island, it is not as loud as for example Ios and Kos, so you can get sleep at night.

Mykonos has a reputation for being a summer resort for mainly gay men, which is not entirely true. The gay audience is present, but it is also a glamorous place for the rich and famous, which is painfully clear to whoever has a look at the prices on the menus.

The island was once very poor, and the people tried to survive on fishing and stock breeding on the harsh land. A major industry was also ship construction. Tourism has turned the economy over since it started in the 1950's and the locals have a double attitude towards this: it may have saved the economy but some also feel that it has taken over too much.

Every house is reached via a flight of straight steps, parallel to the road, whilst the space underneath these steps was traditionally kept for storage. Atop the steps is a wooden painted


Mykonos according to mythology, was the place where Heracles killed the giants. The rocks around the island are supposedly their corpses!!!

Mykonos was the first ruler on the island according to tradition, and the first known settlers we know of were the Ionians in the 9th century BC.

The island was to fall under Athenian, Macedonian and Roman rule in the years to come, just like the surrounding islands.

What to see in Mykonos

The town Chora is a place you should really explore. Walk around, go to the windmills, feed the pelicans Petros ('Rock" and Irini ("Peace"), have a drink in the little harbour and visit the Parapotiani church. And of course, go shopping. There are also five museums: an archaeological, a folk museum, a maritime, a cultural and a private one with old rooms and furniture.

Most of the museums of Mykonos are located at Enoplon Dynameon Street which is one of the busiest streets of Mykonos town during the summer. To reach this area is fairly straightforward, At the seafront, turn right by the ferry ticket office into Matogianni Street, walk the length of this street and turn right at the end - this is Enopolon Dynameon Street. Here you will find the Aegean Maritime Museum (opening hours 10.30-13.00 pm and 18.30-21.00 pm), next to it is the Folk Museum, the House of Lena, (open 18.30-21.00 pm). Another interesting building just before these 2 museums is the house where the Greek Numismatologist and Archaeologist, Giannis Svoronos, was born .

If you keep on walking through the winding small streets of Little Venice towards to the north, soon you will find the Paraportiani church another famous landmark of Mykonos.

Party in Mykonos


During the day, the beach bars and clubs in Mykonos get overcrowded, especially in peak season, with people who want to have fun and enjoy themselves. Most beaches on the southern side of Mykonos are organized and have many tourist facilities, providing a convenient entertainment venue close to hotels, restaurants and water sports.

The best beaches where to party in Mykonos are definitely Super Paradise, a picturesque sandy cove, gay and nudist friendly place, where parties don’t stop until late in the morning, and Paradise beach, a flat sandy beach with organized facilities and water sports, perfect for nudists as well.


In the evening people head down to the lively Mykonos Town, where there is a wide variety of bars, clubs, drag shows, live events and many more. The entire town has a special vibe, inspiring everyone to have a great time.

Scattered around the streets of Mykonos Town are many clubs and trendy music bars for all styles and preferences, with parties lasting until late in the following morning. Even some of the restaurants, cafes, and fashion and jewellery shops stay open until late at night.

New Port, Tourlos

Mythos Beer, Kalafati Beach

Panayia Tourliani Monastery


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