Visual Arts 11 Open AVI30

The warm and bright colours used and the assertive nature of this piece caught my eye. The composition of this piece is strong - the warm colours used for the cow create a content mood when viewing, and its exaggerated contours make it seem as though it is almost extending out of the image, grabbing the viewers attention. Overall, the elements unify to form a clear and organized image. In future pieces of mine, I will likely include the very detailed contouring,
The seemingly abstract lines and obscure colours of this piece caught my attention. The emphasis of the different features of her face using different shades of red makes the piece much more interesting, and the odd colour choice for her skin contrasts well. The abstract lines compliment the contours of her face, and appear to outline a completely different head which overlaps the main focus. The interesting colour combinations or abstract lines will likely appear in my own work.
The contrasting of warm and cool colours, the interesting shapes and style of this piece caught my attention. The contrasting segmented areas, and the interesting contours unify to create a unique style that is quite eye-catching. This unique style inspires me to create my own style that stands out from other works.

Watercolour/Contour Project Progress

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