My Purpose for your Skin And why i actually care about It!

I want every person to love their skin! Clear, smooth, even complexion, and proud to go out without having to pile on makeup.

We are a collection of wonderful colors.
All of our skin deserves to be taken care of!

My purpose is to use my detailed knowledge about our bodies and our earth to slow aging, improve our quality of life, and remove cancer causing chemicals from our homes.

My muse, Leela, and I welcome spring and its sun ☀️

I am a divorced mother of my beautiful daughter, Leela. When she was in her second year on this earth, I had the world placed on my shoulders as a suddenly single mother.

Leela loving her flowers ❤️

As a form of self-therapy and lifestyle improvements, I began creating body butters with resources I studied for a decade via world travel & holistic studies. Little did I know my secrets were extremely valuable.

What powerful plants I learned so much about!

My purpose grew from improving the skin, nails, and hair of family and friends to providing my products to over 100 people per week very quickly.

My super sensitive skin works to my advantage. I know what others don't need near their skin!
Meeeting my customers is an absolute joy for me! Our skin deserves our care & attention.
From body butters to body first year was a great kick off! My skills were therapeutic to focus on while raising my daughter.
Traveling with my line is a gift I don't take likely. I want everyone to love their skin.
Sharing my secrets brings me joy! Classes are offered on skin improvement, power of essential oils, bath & body how to's, and more!

Now with over 50 products, I have helped my customers fight eczema, dermatitis, acne, severe dry skin, and sun protection/aging without harmful chemicals. I am extremely proud of this & I LOVE teaching men and women my beauty secrets.

All skin products are vegan, without sulfates and parabens.j

Feel free to visit my website and YouTube Channel for the best products that I personally formulated from exotic, raw ingredients as well as demos!

Now I'm able to help others based out of enchanting Albuquerque, New Mexico 🇲🇽! So happy to be here & learn even more about the sun, heat, and its effects on aging. I learn, we all gain! Healthy Skin Is My Business!

Enjoy all the Elements collections....Cheers!

Thank you for sharing my story with the world I deeply care about! Cheers!

~Ayanna Freeman


Francisco Alejandro

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