Hypebeast era Urban brand clothing

Hypebeast (N.) "A person who follows a trend to be cool or in style. A person who wears what is hyped up."

Nowadays everywhere you look, every corner you turn you'll be most certain to run into a Hypebeast. Urban clothing brands are more and more relevant as the demand for them keeps coming in this article I will be talking about a few of these brands and how they play their role in the Hypebeast community

Clothing brand founded in April of 1994

If you ask most teens nowadays if they know what SupremeĀ® is its most likely they'll tell you Yes. Now this is one of those brands that are really really (and I mean REALLY) overhyped because of their limited quantities. This is one of those brands that can convince anybody to buy their products. In the Spring of 2016 Supreme released some odd objects ranging from rubber pouch water bottles to a f*cking brick... This brick is just like any other brick with the exception that it has their logo imprinted on it and decided to sell it for 30$... surprisingly they sold out within MINUTES

Here pictured is the Supreme Brick
Bape founded in 1993

Another brand that is hyped a lot goes by the name of Bape/Abathingape is a Japanese based clothing brand by Nigo in Ura-Harajuku in 1993. This brand is also what people consider a hype brand due to its availability like their competitor Supreme. This brand isnt as much of a "try to sell anything" brand as they only stick to selling clothing with a cheap tag with a shirt coming in at 6,800 yen or 58 usd

The last brand i'd like to talk about is a well known clothing brand that goes by "F*CKTHEPOPULATION" doesn't really have that much of a history since it just came out the blue in the past year or so but has since then been endorsed by many underground rappers as well as some well known ones. For being a fairly new brand they already have partnerships with popular clothing brand HUF

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