The One and Only Ivan By: Davis

Ivan is the only gorilla in the mall. He is very caring. Stella has been in the mall for a while. She's respectful and remembers her whole life basically because elephants have good memory. Bob is homeless and snuck into Ivan's cage one day. He's sneaky and doesn't want to get caught even though they know he's there. Julia is a good artist. She's very kind and understands Ivan's drawings. George likes his job cleaning the mall. He is nice and loves Julia. Mack likes his job being in charge at the mall. He's nice in the beginning but then towards the end he's rude to the animals. Stella is new to the mall and is the big hit in the mall. She's small (small for an elephant), adventurous, and asks a lot of questions.

Ivan was born in the jungle and lived with his mom, dad, and sister. Him and his sister always played tag. His sister was named Tag because of it. Ivan always drew on his mom's back with mud so he was named Mud.

One day Ivan and his family were found. Ivan's family was killed and he was sent to the mall. Mack brought Ivan to live with him. Mack rose him as a real child. Ivan went to baseball games, got ice cream, and rode in the front of Mack's convertible.

One day Mack's wife divorced him because of Ivan. Mack was super upset. He sent Ivan to the mall and put him in his domain. Ivan liked his domain. He was ready to have a wonderful time.

Right before Stella dies, she tells Ivan to take care of Ruby. When Stella does die, she's lifted by 4-5 people into the dump truck. Ivan does all he can to get Ruby into a zoo. He made many drawings that made spelled home.

One day, the zoo showed up and took Ivan and Ruby to the zoo. Ivan was happy that he did what Stella told him to do. From the tree in his new home, he could see Ruby. He tried to yell to her but she couldn't here him.

I liked 'The One and Only Ivan' because the author described all the characters so good that it felt like I was in the story.

The cover of the book
The Mall's Billboard
Stella and Ruby
Ivan when Mack raised Ivan as a regular child.


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