Epic Heroes Traits


Every hero should be smart or knowledgeable to some point or at least be aware of there surroundings and know what is happening.


Odyssues displays this because, if he was to have killed the Cyclopes right from the beginning. Then there would have been no way to escape. (Book 9, pg. 380 line 274-277 & pg. 381 line 314-317.)

Shiba Tatsuya

Tatsuya shows this because as a magic engineer, under an alias, he creates or have been able to correctly apply his knowledge of the process of the magic, and uses that to make useful and amazing works. Tatsuya is able to read the magic sequence even before it is used. And he can counter that and/or dodge with ease.


Trust is another trait needed because, if you weren't or aren't able to trust your leader or anyone then how can you follow them. With any trouble that happens trust is always needed for winning the fight.


For Odysseus, if he didn't have the trust in his men then, he would not be as well known, powerful in wealth, and he would have been sent to defeat Troy. Not only did he have the trust of his men, Circes did also. If he didn't Circes wouldn't have taken the time to explain and give advice to him. (Book 12, description on top)

Shiba Tatsuya

For Tatsuya, although at the beginning of the series he was thought of not so intelligent or helpful in his magic use, he later on one okf the most trusted people that, the student council, relies on.


Heros should be powerful. Mentally and/or physically. Because if they aren't physically strong then they would always be losing fist fight. And also mentally because you wouldn't want your hero(s) to be a crybaby. And so that when someone ever mentions something that happen in there past, they won't dwell on it.


Odysseus shows that he is physically powerful in many ways. But I would said his best show of strength would be when "fought" off the suitors that where trying to marry his wife. When he strung the line from the bow, to him he did it with ease, but for the suitors they struggled. That just shows how difficult it is to string the bow, and how strong Odysseus is.

Shiba Tatsuya

As for Tatsuya, I wouldn't know if he can be called human or not. For one he is human, but many of his human characteristics has been altered. For that to happen, his mother and aunt wanted to make him one of the most powerful magician. But with that or not, Tatsuya is still really overpowered throughout the series, and is abled to use amazingly powerful attacks/ spells.

So What? Impact

All heroes are the same. No matter what. No matter the size, shape, age, gender, or race. Although each and every other hero has there own personality, they are all based around the same idea.

I would say what makes Odysseus and Tatsuya the most similar is their overwhelming strength. But are still very different from each other. One is loved and praised by gods and goddesses, and is even loved by other creatures. And the other is hated by some of his own clan, but the people in his school are amazed by him. Loved for being smart and strong. But both are amazing characters and have many strengths and challenges.


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