My Jouney By: olivia watson


I've always been one to push myself to be at the top of my class. I am known by friends and family for my intelligence, athleticism, and respectful nature. I love to play sports. Ever since I can remember I have played basketball, softball, and soccer. Sports keeps me motivated and busy. I learned early on in school to be active and participate in sports or other school activities. Being involved in extra circular activities will help build self confidence. Sports can and will take a lot of time, but in the end it is worth it.

Sit Still Look Pretty - Daya

Moments of my past. The basketball team, my friends, sliding down stairs on a mattress, a dress I had worn, and me and my step sister.


This first semester of high school has been quite a journey. I've enjoyed most of it, but the work load is pretty intense. One thing that I can definitely share with others is don't procrastinate. Playing sports and participating in after school activities leave me with very little time to do a lot of school work; however, I still push myself to turn in work and do extra credit assignments. Of course high school, like any other school, has plenty of drama, but I've tried to keep my nose out of it and stay to myself. By staying out of drama, I am less likely to get in arguments and fights with other students. I have enough stress to deal with between sports and academics, and I don't need in the middle of other people's problem. I have faced some problems this year, but I have to always remember to not care what other people think, and even though I faced some troubles at school, I still have friends who are there for me.

Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara

Photos of my friends and team.


I plan to do many bright and beautiful things in my future. I plan to maintain a 4.0 all through high school. After high school, I plan on attending college to major in math. My goal is to crunch numbers and make plenty of money so I can take care of myself. I hope to eventually get married, but I do not plan on having children. I really hope to one day be successful; I realize in order to be successful I will have to work hard and do my best. In order to do this I will pay attention to everything taught in class, keep up on my school work, and do my English work first. I am going to keep my head held high. I have set goals for myself and the next step is for me to achieve those goals.

Advice for Eighth Graders

  • Focus on yourself
  • Participate in extra circular activities
  • Don't procrastinate
  • Don't worry about what other people think
  • Always do your English work first
  • Always try your best to succeed
  • Keep your head held high

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