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They’ve got their hands in just about everything environmental in Palm Coast. If it’s near the water, if it’s laying in our parks, Sherrill and Mike Crotts are going to pick it up. Becoming energetic stewards who thrive on clean open space simply comes naturally to them.

“We’ve been so blessed in our lives and we believe it’s now time to give something back to a place we love,” Sherrill says. “We figure two pairs of hands can do a lot of good around here.”

The Crottses moved from Atlanta to Palm Coast in 2004, discovering a boating community here that nurtured their spirit for living near the water. “What we also found was a City that encourages our sensitivity for our earth, for all things natural and peaceful,” Mike tells us.

“Palm Coast is always doing something to support the amenities that surround us.”

Now Sherrill and Mike volunteer to clean up all over our City. On this specific day, they pose proudly at a sign that bears their names at the entrance of Long Creek Nature Preserve. They’ve officially adopted this park and visiting it often, their eyes scan the grounds searching for bottles, cans and cigarette butts. Caring for this preserve is just one of the goals they’ve realized in Palm Coast.

Aside from Long Creek, Sherrill and Mike have consistently cleared trash from the water at our Intracoastal Waterway Cleanup since 2007.

Sherrill also joined the Florida Lake Watch program. She examines our saltwater canals monthly for clarity and depth, testing for bacteria and water pollution. She submits her samples to the City for analysis, ensuring our residents live in a clean boating and fishing environment.

The Crottses are bona fide role models for our City’s newest venture, ‘Rooted in Nature.’

Originally, Palm Coast was thoughtfully and carefully designed with a healthy balance between nature and development. So many residents have grown to value the serenity and pageantry of our waterways, trails, wildlife and landscape. They’re proud of the resources we protect in a place that celebrates what we all cherish most.

“The way we touch each other’s lives here is definitely genuine,” Mike states with pride. “Sherrill and I hope to ensure that our volunteer work for a clean environment is emulated by present and future folks who live in Palm Coast. We’re hoping our commitment will be contagious to others.”

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