Research of Frida Kahlo by: Autumn Clewis

Identify where the artist from? Grew up? Time period?

The artist Frida Kahlo was born July6, 1907 in Coyocoan, Mexico City, Mexico she grew up in her family home where she was also born, the time period this occurred in was 18th century.

Define what happened in their life that was significant?

What happened in Frida Kahlos life that was significant ws she was involved in a bus crash that struck a pole up her spinal area all the way up to her throat she survived this, but was paralyzed, although she was in this condition she still kept painting even from her house she was able to paint a self portrait of herself.

Explain the overall meaning of their artwork?

The overall meaning of the artwork is that she makes it clear that there are no excuses in life for anything you want that if it matter to you than you should go for it no matter what condition your in. Also, i believe the meaning is about bringing in life where theres death like new beginnings. Finally, i believe that the meaning is learning to find yourself through wha you paint, draw or just any artwork that you produce.

The impact i believe Frida Kahlo leaves on society is that no matter how crappy ones life may be you can always make it better by the things you do everyday or expressing yourself through art such as she did. Also, to art in general i believe she put shame many artists because she was laying in a bed paralyzed and looking at a mirror from her bed, i mean all the other artists had advantages compared to her. Finally i believe er artwork empowers people because she is women in this time period and has all these disadvantages against he, but sh stands tall in a symbolic sense because she still stays with her passion.

Created By
Autumn Clewis


Created with images by Cea. - "[ K ] Frida Kahlo - Two Fridas (1939) (possible allusion to the 'Gabrielle d'Estrées and one of her sisters')"

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