Running through the Season Mercy track meet

getting in some final stretches before an event starts

The track meet mercy was attending was located in Blair, NE. The girls left school early at 1 O’clock and hopped on the bus to drive to Blair.

track meets aren’t as serious as they look..

Track meets seem super long and boring but it really depends on the team. The Mercy team makes the meets very fun. Joking around all day and having fun.

Sophomore, Mercedez Brezinski, running the 100m
Coach Austin posing with the colored flags along the track

The track team has four coaches. Each coach has their special place but all the coaches work together. Two of the coaches are teachers at mercy. Mr. Scott Stara and Ms. Cathy Mousel.

Thumbs up for finishing the two mile alive!!
Jumper, Madeline Riesberg, jumping her best at 14 ft.
Madeline passing the baton to Ajok in 4x1 relay

Each girl is in two or more events. Madeline Reisberg did the long jump, 4x1, & open 200. She is a very athletic girl who tries her best in every event.

Junior, Lia Rose, just a little out of breath after the two mile run
Coach Stara watching the girls running in the next event
Face of motivation while running the two mile
Katie Geist throwing the disc during the discus event

Katie Geist and Rhys Slavik participate in the discus event. Both girls threw between 60-90 feet. The girls work hard to get the strength to throw the disc far enough to receive a high length.

The greatest motivation of the meet is the loud cheers of the crowd

The crowd is always in the stands cheering on the athletes. Pity clap or a motivating clap the crowd always helps the athletes go all into it.

Coming in to the infield after a run

Track meets last between 7-12 hours depending on the kind of meet. The girls are definitely tired after a full day of track. After every meet Coach Austin gives the girls chocolate milk. Chocolate milk helps the nutrients restore in your body.

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