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Lesson 1

List of apps I commonly use:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Clash Royale

Lesson 2

Ideas for an app:

  1. An app for translating text from images.
  2. An app for having a remote controller for tv
  3. An app for creating other apps
  4. An app for controlling your computer/laptop with your voice

Class Activity:

Lesson 3


  • Facebook: teenagers/adults
  • Twitter: teenagers/adults
  • WhatsApp: teenagers/adults
  • Twitter: teenagers/adults
  • Snapchat: teenagers
  • Clash Royale: kids/teens
  • Geometry Dash: kids
  • Instagram: teens
  • Minecraft: kids
  • Uber: teens/adults
  • Youtube: all ages
  • 8 Ball: kids/teens
  • Candy Crush: teens/adults/old people
  • Pokemon Go: kids/teens
  • Spotify: everyone

Class Activity

Lesson 4

  • Twitter: 7/10
  • Instagram: 7.5/10
  • Youtube: 8/10
  • Snapchat: 9/10
  • WhatsApp: 6.5/10
  • Clash Royale: 7/10

Class Activity

Lesson 5

App Journal


  1. The camera could make mistakes reading text.
  2. The controller may not have a high reach.
  3. People may not know how to code or make apps.
  4. You would need to configurate in a lot of languages.

First App

Lesson 6

App Journal

My app will put all information on an easier platform for people to access, because when people search for information they need to access different platforms or places and that's a waste of time.

Activity 7

App Journal

What haven’t you seen before?

An app that make your smartphone an access key to the door of some rooms

Boogie bot gif:

Lesson 8

App Journal

In our app we can put a real time streaming of different important persons tweets or what they put in their Facebook accounts, etc.

Activity 8

Lesson 9


Lesson 10

App Journal

I want the app to be design simple but classy, because these would make easier for the user to use our application, but also will make it look cool.


Lesson 11

App Journal

The app I chose is Snapchat, the first thing you see when you open the app (after you login) is the camera, this is simple, in the first screen you see 3 buttons on the bottom, the camera, your messages, and the stories. And that's all it's simple and easy to understand.


Hour Of CODE Activity


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