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I choose to use this black monochromatic scheme because I liked how much it looked in the textbook (59). I thought it would work great on my site because it features a lot of photographs. I like that the black palette brings out the color of the photos and makes them the center of focus.

my story begins...

My love of traveling stems from my childhood. When I was thirteen, my family moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Toronto was a completely new experience for me. It is such a culturally diverse city and every part of the city represents a part of the world. There is a Chinatown, Koreatown, Japan town, Little Italy, Greektown, Portugal Village, Little India, Little Poland, Little Malta, and so on. Visiting these "little cities" opened my eyes to the wonders of travelling.

Check out this great video by BookingHunterTV and get a glimpse of the various sites Toronto has to offer.

Lake Ontario, University of Toronto and CNN Tower

My all time favorite city has to be Singapore and I hope to return one day. Whether it be to study abroad or live and work there.

Downtown Singapore, Garden by the Bay, Nasi Lemak and Laksa.

My love of hiking also stems from my childhood. My parents are avid hikers and we spent a lot of our vacations either going hiking or camping. Last summer I had the opportunity to visit Lake Tahoe and it is one of my new favorite places. We hiked Mt. Tallac, Horsetail and Eagle Lake.

My second favorite place to visit has to be Lake Tahoe.

I try and go hiking as often as possible and even took a hiking class this semester so that I could find new places to explore.

My family had the opportunity to go to Hawaii this Christmas. And while that trip taught me I am a mountain girl, it is still a beautiful place. I loved all the hiking trips we had.

Kona, Hawaii

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to Point Reyes National Seashore where I hiked the Tomales Point Trail, a 9.5 mile trail. It was a lot of fun and is known for being a place where you can see elk. Here are some of the photos I took and framed using

Adobe Spark does not allow you to change the font or the spacing of the text unless you change the theme of the entire web page. So I was not able to make many changes to the typography of my web page. I am, however, happy with the font because it is a fairly simple, and easy to read text. I also did not want to include a fancy text because I am not trying to sell anything or show off any skills, rather this website is centered on showing off the pictures. If I could make any changes to the text, I would like to check the font size and spacing. Because I want to make sure it is one and a half times the font size. I was able to change the alignment of my webpage and switched it from center alignment to right. I did leave the some of the shorter texts, like the title and subtitles centered because I wanted them to grab the readers attention and stand out.

Since I already had several images on my webpage, I choose to edit several of my images for the extra credit assignment. For my first grid, I switched the order of the images so that it would look more appealing and interesting. I also switched the image of the CNN tower because I felt like the image had too much empty space. I also changed some of the images in my second grid because I felt like they were not interesting nor were they relevant. For example, there was an image of a plant. While the image was taken in Singapore, there is nothing in the image that tells the reader this. Therefore, it seems irrelevant, insignificant, and boring. In my two glideshows, I cropped some of the images and changed the focal point so that the focus was on the center of the image.


Desiree Lim


Created with images by combonianos_brasil - "nature water bioma" • VV Nincic - "Toronto, Canada (University of Toronto)" • VV Nincic - "University of Toronto" • therise - "toronto skyline cn tower canada ontario" • Swami Stream - "Light" • Kai Lehmann - "the garden III (Singapore)" • tpsdave - "singapore city urban skyline architecture skyscrapers buildings" • Delphine Sindynata - "Nasi Lemak Special" • cegoh - "garden by the bay singapore night" • Raelene G - "Laksa" • tpsdave - "lake tahoe california emerald bay water reflections" • BitBoy - "Lake Tahoe"

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