November 2019 Cougar Curriculum Inspiring Minds Together

Dates To Remember

  • Nov. 8 - End of Trimester 1
  • Nov. 15 - Elementary Report Cards Sent Home
  • Nov. 19 - District Leadership Team Meeting
  • Nov. 19 - EHS and EMS Mid-Term
  • Nov. 25 - Board of Education Meeting
  • Nov. 27 - Thanksgiving Break

edgewood curriculum summit

What Staff Had to Say About the Summit

This is a graphic created from the google survey that attendees filled out describing the Curriculum Summit in one word. The largest words are the words that appeared most frequently. There were 180 people who responded to the google survey.

Gifted book study

Lindsay Smith (5th grade EES) is leading a gifted book study again this year. The group will emphasize strategies and practices that can be used in the classroom.

Seven Mile Elementary School Classroom Spotlight

Seven Mile's First Graders practiced subtraction with bowling! They set up 10 pins, took turns rolling, and did math problems to take away how many fell and how many were still standing,

Edgewood middle school classroom spotlight

Break Out in Tori Buckely and Beci Wiggins: The focus of The Ancient Rome Lock Box lesson included students reviewing people, places, things, and ideas, of Ancient Rome. Students participated in a Break Out Box activity in which they engaged in a variety of tasks to open their group’s Lock Box. These tasks included using clues to find a key, and two combinations so that each group could successfully “Save the Roman Emperor and continue the Roman Pax Romana (peaceful time period)."

Babeck Early Childhood Center Classroom Spotlight

Mrs. White's class had a lesson with Ms. Gill, Babeck Counselor, on anger. Her lesson was to teach students on how to recognize anger both within themselves and in others. Students listened to the book, "When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry" and then picked out parts in the story of when Sophie got angry and how she responded to those times. The lesson culminated with the students drawing a monster and giving the monster characteristics of being angry. The class then came back together to discuss what the students drew and also to discuss ways to help themselves and others when they get angry.

edgewood elementary School Girls on The Run

Girls On The Run inspires and empowers girls to build healthy physical and mental habits that last long beyond the program. Each year Girls On The Run participates in a Community Impact Project and are currently preparing to run in a 5k this November.

Edgewood High School Co-Plan/Co-Serve Classroom

Edgewood High School continues to grow in their Co-Plan/Co-Serve model. Matt Root (IVS) and Denise Goller (Math Instructor) are in their second year of teaching together and take time to co-instruct all students. Matt Root states the following: Co-teaching with Mrs. Goller has helped me become a better math teacher as I implement strategies into my own resource math class. Mrs. Goller says that she enjoys collaborating and sharing ideas with Mr. Root in the classroom. Thanks to Mr. Root and Mrs. Goller for being leaders in co-teaching at the high school.

Welcome to The edgewood city school district

Donnie Koontz (HVAC Tech), Barbara Telecsan (EES Intervention Specialist), Zach Griffin (EHS ParaProfessional) Samantha Pennington (EHS Custodian)

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