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Apologies for lack of activity on my Blog... I will blame that on my 86 project consuming most of my time over the last few months!


If you follow me in Instagram or snapchat you may have noticed iv been giving my beloved Trueno a new lease of life. The car has a lot of history, it used to be owned by T50 Japan and can be seen drifting in BM events and old option videos. It came to Ireland a good few years ago, passed hands a couple of time's and eventually ended up a shadow of its former self. Luckily I persuaded the owner to sell it to me and that is where this little 'love story' begins.

In its previous life....

GO TO 37.39 ^^^^

I should note that whilst its lovely to posses a car with a cool history, I hope it will not always be defined purely for being the 'T50' car.. Iv been building this 86 to my liking whilst still trying to give a nod at its 'T50' era.


This is the car as I purchased it...... I can still remember my delight as I drove off in it.... I actually shed a tear! After keeping my eye on this car for so many years, I was so happy to take it under my wing and give it some TLC

I took it home, cleaned up its appearance (slightly) and drove it for a brief period........

I was very happy to be back in an 86.........

I knew this car was always going to be a challenge. It desperately needed new paint, new bumpers, doors, bonnet, engine, suspension, lights, interior and body work (As I write this I think the only thing I have not replaced or repaired to date has been the gearbox) First up was the bodywork and paint. As expected on a 30 year old Toyota, the dreaded rust appeared quickly as we began stripping it.......

It wasn't great but I have seen a hell of a lot worse cases. All corrosion was cut out and replaced with new shiney metal......DIE RUST DIE!!!

With the dreaded rust out of the way... painting and other body work was next. Keeping the paint as close as I could to the purple it was painted in Japan was important to me. It took some trial and error but my panel-beater & good friend Philip managed to match it perfectly and work began injecting some life back into this old workhorse.

Arches were flared, dints (roof was particulary bad) removed and repairs carried out to the Goodline wings and Runfree skirts & rear bumper.

Hi Kouki

I have to admit I was nervous going down to Flipsideauto to revisit the car I had left there a few weeks before..... Philip had kindly been updating me with photos but seeing things for real is always different........ I remember walking into the garage with my hands over my eyes.......

It was love at first site........ The work done to this car profoundly exceeded my expectations, I was over the moon with it! I even questioned was it the same car!!

Having purchased these Equip 03's near the beginning of the build, I was eager to finally see them on the car. They are 14x9 -19 running a 185 55 tire (I've just gone for Toyo CF1s for now). I was slightly apprehensive about the size.... would they look ok under it? I was concerned about arching also as I intend on running the car as low as possible. First test fit put my worries to rest........

Nice on the outside, nice on the inside......

Some of you may know I had another 86 before this one. One which I loved dearly and undertook restoring also. To cut a long story short I failed miserable and it's bare shell still currently resides at my house looking pretty sorry for itself. Due to this I decided that this 86 would make up for my previous failings and I would build this one to the best of my ability. I must also mention that my boyfriend Gary is the most encouraging and inspiring person I have ever met. Witnessing him build his Civic EG6 Rally car to the highest standard possible and continuously seeking to improve it has inspired me to do the same with my 86 (apologies if that sounds a bit cringe but its the truth)

Looking Fab!

Under sealing the car was my first assignment after I brought the car back home from Flipsideauto. We spend a day at it between rubbing it down prepping and painting and I was pretty happy with the final results.

Petrol thank and rear axle also got a refresh

Suspension and setup were next up. I've gone with BC Coilovers with a spring rate of 8kg front & 6kg rear. From driving cars with them installed and from testimonials from other users I know they are top job and will allow me to sit the car nice and low. I also opted for some BC RCA's to compliment them.

Most of the bars and arms in the car were in complete need of an overhaul. Literally every bushing in the car was gone! Initally I was going to polybush the whole car but taking inspiration from Gary's rally car I decided to rose joint the whole car for the craic!! (A lot of people have passed concern for my back since I told them this but it not a big job to change the joints to bushings if it chronically hard to drive. Won't know unless you try)

Everything is from GRP4 Fabrications
Pretty Things

I believe its always important to put your own twist on things and this car has allowed me to allowed me to do that a lot. One of my favorite pieces I picked up for it is my Bride Zeta iii Veria. They are a limited edition seat (100 made) specially deigned for women (or more active female drivers as Bride say themselves). I was lucky enough to discover it whilst attending Tokyo Auto Salon in January of this year. When they came on sale in April I snapped one up. It may not be 'period correct' for an 86 but in fairness nothing on my car really conforms to conventional patterns...

Personal touches were also put onto my roll cage and rocker covers

Running Gear my Dear

Honestly the thing I have enjoyed most about doing this 86 has been learning and understanding my car better. I'm an avid lover of the 16v 4age so decided to stick running the one I took out of the car and "improve" it slightly. As I said earlier I have picked up a lot from Garys Rally car build. His B16 runs Jenvey ITB's and well, whats good for the goose is good for the gander! I toyed around with the idea of Carbs for a while and was tempted by the common 20v ITB conversion but pushed a little bit further and went for Tapered Jenvey 45's with custom manifold. This will be ran with a DTA ecu and custom engine loom. Iv picked up a few HKS goodies along the way too (thanks Gary) I as write I am still undecided about cams.....


Sometimes I feel like I have been building this car forever! It's taken me a year to get this far... Stuff is expensive and at times parts are hard to get which I'm sure many of you can relate to! But I feel like iv got over the worst if it. I can't complain about the time and money iv put into it because at the end of the day it's my hobbie and what I love doing. The pros far out weigh the cons!

Next up for old T50 is to dry fit the engine and see what modifications I have to do to the bay. I will more than likely have to install a pedal box due to the jenveys and I may relocate the battery also. The whole thing changes all the time as I said earlier it's all a learning curve.

I will have more updates as I make more progress but for now this is how it currently sits. Lots done and lots more to do..... I really hope you enjoyed reading this little overcap of my 86 project. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me along the way be it in person or online. It's greatly appreciated. If there is anything I didn't cover or if you want to ask me about something just message me I'd be glad to help.

Thanks for reading

Amanda x

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