Join Us For A Live Streaming Event! CEFN's "VIRTUAL" 2nd Annual Senior Harvest Ball ~ Friday ~ October 23, 2020 ~ 11am


Tune in for a fun filled event! We will be hosting:

  • Karaoke
  • Line Dancing
  • Live Singing
  • Raffles & Gift Card Give-A-Ways
  • Important Updates & Words From Our Sponsors

The event will be broadcast live on Friday, October 23rd, beginning 11am. It will be streamed live on Facebook Live and YouTube, and it will be available for re-broadcast shortly after the event on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and various other community pages and sponsor websites.

You may STILL register for raffles by visiting this page here or going to www.cefnorg.wordpress.com/registration-form-for-october-23rd-event/

1st Senior Harvest Ball, October 2019 at the Hilton Hotel

The event is sponsored by The Community Enrichment Fitness Network (CEFN) which is a small non-profit grassroots company that aims to promote seniors to live a healthier lifestyle through healthier eating and increased physical activity.

The event is co-sponsored by CareGivers America and Dedicated Senior Medical Center.

CareGivers America began in 2002 and its mission was seemingly simple: Keep people home. With those three words in mind, the founders began hiring caregivers to provide in-home personal care and homemaker services. As the years progressed, they found that to keep people home, they needed to offer more than just non-medical services. What evolved was a company that could meet ALL of a consumer’s home care needs, no matter their age, diagnosis, or their ability to pay for services.

Dedicated Senior Medical Center was founded to turn the healthcare system around and make it more focused, convenient and effective for the people who need it most - seniors. They have established medical centers that are led by compassionate, expert doctors who coordinate all aspects of their patients' care and hold themselves accountable for their results. By offering quality, empathetic, well-coordinated care, they saw big changes in their patients' health outcomes.

Dwight Smith

Your MC and Solo Performer for the event is Dwight Smith, "Smitty From The City."


DJ DMS Entertainment Services, LLC has been in business for over 30 years. They offer the best in DJ entertainment services, venue up-lighting, event planning, and promotion.

Alisha Willis ~ After 10 plus years in service coordination I found myself at a cross road with palestra of skills, a degree in business administration, the desire to see small business and entrepreneurs rise and truly be as successful as big business. Being a numbers girl I found out that more than 95% small business start-ups fail with in the first 5 years with more than 52% saying their #1 issue was quality LABOR from employees, leading to the formation of my company where I offer freelance business development and public relations to small businesses. I can be reached @ 215-300-6185 and you can follow my Facebook page @Lishthediva.

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Michael Mullan