America is Entertaining By Joshua Potts

America appears to be several different things when people look at it but to me all that I can see is the entertainment aspect. This country can be seen as freedom, opportunity, or an illusion but the society of America has become centered around the entertainment business. Entertainment has created the social framework of our society which has encouraged people in the past to get a "normal" family with one boy, one girl, a hardworking husband, and a house wife. Now entertainment is encouraging people to jump on the new trends so they will not become "out-dated" in a way. Also ever since the introduction of music, sports, tv, and movies America has put just about all of their efforts in order to be the best at all of it. The entertainment industry is so dominant that it could not stay in their own lane. It has started to seep into our politics and schools since it is now the best way to keep people engaged. This phenomenon started all with the baby boomers because the emergence of the tv changed the entire game of entertainment and it conditioned those children to become obsessed with. They would soon pass that obsession to their children who would continue it, and their kids will be introduced to a smartphone. Another reason this is happening is because ho much effort we put into it, and the result of that is very present when looking at the most profiting media companies in the world. Lastly, America's political have come to the point where they are almost comical because of the 2016 debate.

Baby Boomers Started It All

The need and want for entertainment started because of the radio in the early 1900s because of how it brought America closer together. The radio was able to achieve this by giving people across the country the same information, so if they ever met they would have something to talk about. They would be able to talk about a widespread of ideas from FDR's fireside chats, or the great 1936 olympics. The radio truly changed the entire framework of America as it became a household appliance that people would look forward to every single day. The radio's success would last a little bit longer after WWII, but after the war it was TV that would change the entertainment and media industry forever.

I Love Lucy

Star Wars Franchise

Stranger Things

This is a new show that has taken over America.

The rise of of television was influenced by the great 1930's movies that got America through the Great Depression. TV had the ability to bring escapism right into the the homes across America at any time of the day. Also it gave the ability to see information and and not just think about the visual aspect. The most important ingredient for the rise of television was the end of WWII and all of the effects that come with that. Since all of the soldiers were coming were coming back to their wives the iconic Baby Boom happened, and America had a little high like the roaring 20s which caused consumerism. This consumerism was due to the importance of having two kids, a working husband, and beautiful housewife. The key appliance on the market after WWII was a television set and it was an urgent item for everyone to have. The first year that tallied the number of households has a television and it was only 3.8 million in 1951. The next year that number grew by 14.5% to 10.3 mil, and at the end of the decade 87.1% of households owned a television set. Baby Boomers are growing up inside of this television age that makes that gave them a life where they have never lived without one. Shows like "Howdy Doody" and "I Love Lucy" would shape their entire life around them. TV is used as societal propaganda to show what is acceptable and not acceptable in America. This would work well as ads would promote a dismissive housewife that had know say in a marriage. Numerous people conformed to this but soon enough it changed and now TV promotes the empowerment of women. This helped a lot of women and girls to accomplish things they never that they could. Baby Boomers passed on TV media to their children and their children will continue the cycle. The media is now woking as an example society that people use as directions to get through life.

What is the Importance of Sports?

Olympic Rings

Micheal Phelps the most decorated Olympian and he is an AMERICAN

Superbowl 51

The Time & Effort

The reason why America is Entertaining, is because they have tried to make it like that by putting a lot of time and effort into it. America wants to be the leaders in the entertainment and media industry and that is evident when looking at the statistics. Laura O'Reilly reported that the 30 biggest media companies in the world and 17 out of 30 of those are American based. Also America has the top 5 biggest media companies with the Alphabet at number one earning 59 million in revenue. This obviously shows how much stress America puts on entertainment in order for it to be the embodiment of the country. Another aspect of the industry that always dominates for America is sports. When looking at the all time medal count from the Summer Olympics America has 2,520 medals which leads all countries with 1,398. Also for the all time gold medal count America has a whooping 1,022 gold medals, and the second place country in the same amount of olympics as them is GBR with 263 gold medals. Ultimately, America is doing this to be the dominant country in every single category imaginable. By doing this it puts America on the pedestal as being a powerhouse of a country that is a leader in the world. They do this to have an influence on all worldly decisions, so that they always go into their favor. The good thing about America is that they don't control their dominance with an iron fist, but they do in it a way that is open and loving.

2016 Presidential Debate

Politics are Comical?

One of the most recent examples of America being entertaining is the 2016 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Although presidential debates are suppose to be professional, it wasn't even close to that and it was a show every single time they were on the stage. Nielsen rated this with a 42.2 which equates to 84 million people over night. That is more than the game 7 NBA Finals 2016, game 7 of MLB 2016 World series , and all of the other debates that ever occurred. From those stats it is clear that it is not the politics that are attracting the views but simply the unexpectedness. Before and during the debates the media really centered in on all of the baggage that the candidates carried. The constant focus on that baggage made majority of the country to not even take them serious and that is what just made the entire show a comedy act. That entertaining aspect of the debates has defiantly made kids of America more intrigued than ever. All of that they are seeing looks very similar to the reality shows that they love to watch religiously. The comical politics are not all bad but they are not good either.

This is not the first time that media has been used to decide the very fate of American leadership. In the JFK vs Richard Nixon Presidential Debate of 1960, the first debate aired on TV, Kennedy would take over that election because his performance on the small screen. He just seemed like more of a leader because of his handsome face, good looking hair, and clear speaking voice. Nixon did not perform good during the debates and that led to the downfall in his debate. Entertainment is used in all aspects of America and so far it has worked out pretty good.

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My artwork

For my artwork I created a scene that represents why America is Entertaining. In the piece I sat down Donald Trump in a movie theatre as he watches several different movies, tv shows, and news shows. He is doing this as he eats popcorn in his green chair. Each one of these items represent the reasons why America is entertaining in different ways.

Donald Trump

My figurine of Donald Trump represents a couple of different things because of the way that I decided to illustrate him. I decided to color Trump's entire face orange and I gave him a piece of yellow cloth as if his hair is about to fly away. The reason I did this is to represent the media's influence on how our leaders are portrayed today. Before, during, and after the election the media has focused in on Trump's orange-tanned face. Also they have focused in on his hair as it flops around in the wind and almost looks like a toupee. This is something that the media has done to draw away from the focus of the real issues, but by doing this it has made politics more comical then ever before. Trump also represents the leader of our country and the center of the project. America's issues and accomplishments are now falling upon Donald Trump as he leads America.

Green Chair

I made Donald rump sit on the green chair and not and ordinary movie theatre chair in order to illustrate how much money entertainment is bringing in. There is so much money from it that the American leader is now making a seat out of it. Also it makes it perfect to have Donald Trump sitting on the money since he has profited so much off of entertainment with The Apprentice, The Celebrity Apprentice, and his cameos in movies.

Movies and TV Shows

The Celebrity Apprentice

The Entire Screen

I Love Lucy

CNN: Fake News

I put some of the most influential movies and tv shows from today and the past like I Love Lucy, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Stranger Things, CNN, and more. I did this in order to show what has influenced our society socially. Also by making Donald Trump watching these shows, it illustrates our leaders interest in entertainment. Trump's interest is actually very high as I deliberately put the Celebrity Apprentice on there. Also I put Trump performing during the presidential debate against. I purposely put a funny picture on the screen to connect to how politics have become comical. In the picture on of our one of the candidates is halfway asleep and the other's eyes are bulging out of their face. The media has focused on these types of images during the election which made the election even more entertaining then before. Another program that I put on the screen was CNN with the news ticker talking about fake news. I also did this to show how our leader as made politics more entertaining. I also put the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals on the screen to represent the importance of sports as entertainment. Both of these events are in the top 10 programs watched in the year of 2016 according to tv by the numbers. The last program that I'll recognize is the I Love Lucy scene that I put on the screen to connect to the baby boomers generation. They grew up to this show that influenced their families to have a housewife and a working husband. All of these programs were influential in their own particular ways that represent the reason for America being entertaining.


Although there are some cons to the amount of entertainment in American society, there are way more pros to go along with it. This entertainment has gave America this friendly approach to the entire world. We have been able to stay in a safe place by having our society revole around the entertainment. There can be the flaws like conformity from the past, but we have learned from the past and crack down on that faster. America is entertaining and that is fine with me.


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