THINK. In the Company of Ideas

Ideas scare. Ideas scar. Ideas entice. Ideas intrigue. Ideas enlighten. Ideas destroy. Ideas free. Ideas enrage. Ideas enslave. Ideas stimulate. Ideas intimidate. Ideas enhance. Ideas are insane.

Ideas drive civilization.

With good ideas, the world survives.

With great ideas, the world thrives.

We're doing our best to know the difference.

That's your idea? Defend it. I dare you.

You gonna change something? Be ready for a battle.

Ideas are fleeting. You need a flare for capturing them.
An idea sparks a melancholy day
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44º18'52.47"N 86º06'13.90"W
44º18'52.47"N 86º06'13.90"W
Idea. Unexpected. Stunningly beautiful. Fully formed. Sees 'light' of feedback. Shrivels. Disappears.
Cows of the Rock of Cashel, Ireland. Dining literally in the shadow of saints. Don't care.
"Sandy's Sunset" — During an evening safari in South Africa, we prepared to shoot a sunset, then quickly do a nearly 180 to capture a full moon rise. While maneuvering for the 'right' angle, I noticed my spouse had the perfect view. An epic sunset transformed into an intimate portrait.
Massive beauty in miniature.

As we 'shot' some lions, a very, very small bird was watching us watch the pride. A 300X zoom provided this intimate portrait. The tiniest, quietest idea can have massive impact, if you invest the time to move in close.

Compelling rhythms and clear thinking appear when you respect chaos.
Brittney Garbani, a San Diego-based photographer, designer, and entrepreneur, invited us to tour the Salk Institute with her. As she was maneuvering for a unique angle of the Pacific Ocean in the background, her path paralleled that of a bird taking flight.
On cue, as she turned left, the seagull veered off for clear air as the shutter clicked.
Chopper. Moon. Bird flyby. Sunset. A sublime confluence of indelible images. Ideas are like that.

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Patrick D. Murphy

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