Morphine Xavier davis

Morphine is use to treat moderate to severe pain but many use it too much this is called an addiction. Addiction can lead to depression and severe illness this can effect how you look, sound & act. Addiction's can kill you and some people even commit suicide. Suicide is to hurt or kill oneself

This is what you can see in a first person view as a Drug Addict

There are multiple brands of morphine like DepoDur, Astramorph, Duramorph, and Infumorph but on the street its not called that it has many name like White Lady, Salt & Sugar, and Miss Emma im not sure why but i guess they call it many names to keep the cops guessing

This is the closest picture i can get to Morphine

Morphine is accessible off the street and by pharmacy's you will need a prescription if not its illegal it can be applied through needles and by pills like above. Morphine has been around for as long as the WW1 era!!!

Morphine is in the pain killer family and is used for severe pain only if used will alcohol (which its not) can cause death or extreme pain

Morphine isn't really addictive but can be easily misused and could have dangerous effects on yourself it can make you lightheaded, go into cardiac arrest, and many others

As you can see Morphine isn't a drug to joke with as many died of overdose and also have when to jail for having these drugs on them

You can do up to 5 years in prison for being caught with drugs and the maximum sentence of prison time is 14 years do you really want to do 14 years for doing drugs or selling them its stupid and sad that you waste your life in a addiction or do jail time stay clean! don't do morphine

Brain Damage- Morphine can actually cause brain damage some short term symptoms are intense relaxation, and decreased perception of pain long term effects are brain damage, lost of interest, putting morphine over others, stealing, and can cause HIV related diseases if injected from a dirty needle

We all know him as Bruce Lee a martial artist but his death is what hocked us all we mostly thought it was natural causes but Bruce was young around his mid 30s or 40s. We find out later on that Bruce Lee had died of an Accidental Overdose from a painkiller to treat a headache. This painkiller made Bruce brain grow 13% larger killing him most likely in his sleep sad he when't so early in life we all miss him

do you think that Morphine is a good thing. It is it's just the people who uses them.


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