Finding Meaning Through Music julia Kerr

Growing up in a musically inclined family, I started playing violin at the age of 5. Throughout the past 16 years, I have become completely enthralled in music and consider it as a large part of my development as an individual. Every summer up until I was 18, I would spend a month living in a dormitory amongst foreign exchange students playing violin for 10 hours a day at a Musical Performance Institute. The program was extremely grueling and challenging, however, I had the opportunity to be conducted and taught by world class musicians and composers. I created lifelong friendships and connections that were fostered by this common passion for music. These summers largely shaped my childhood and my perspective on music today. Currently, I play with the University of Scranton's String Orchestra and spent the past 10 years playing in the Wyoming Seminary Civic Symphony Orchestra. In my free time you can find me crying my eyes out while belting out lyrics to "Yellow" at a Coldplay concert.

Ironically (maybe not ironically) ,I am a senior Biology major who is pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine. Why would I, as an aspiring Veterinarian, be so involved in something so different from medicine? The answer is easy. Music can be found and applied to a variety of aspects in life. Music,defined by physics, is ordered wavelengths and frequencies. Music to me is listening to Coldplay while driving on country roads, listening to a heartbeat of a dog while at work, and hearing the chirps of birds on a summer morning. Music can mean many different things to people, and is always open for interpretation. This is why I find it as a important outlet that has brought deep meaning in my life.


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