Earthquake by: Nathan Ortiz

How to Know if you are having an Earthquake

If there is an earthquake, don't go running crazy because this is important matter. If you are in the mountains, it is better than being in a city where buildings are falling on you and crashing down. If you have a phone you can check notifications and see if your phone says it is an earthquake or just a truck driving by. The second option is that you could just check the news on the TV.

Preventing a bigger Disaster

These are steps to prevent a bigger disaster after a earthquake. Shut of the gas to prevent an explosion. Shut off the water; if not, the water would go everywhere in your house. Turn off the electricity.

After an Earthquake

When the earthquake is over, get out of the house as fast as possible. It is a pretty bad place to be in an earthquake, especially if your house is in the mountains. Your house could fall off the mountain and slide all the way down and crash. If you have a dog, take good care of them or they could get lost and hurt.

Checking your House

Ex: unstable house

If your house looks stable, you still might not want to sleep in it until a professional inspects it. There could be problems that you do not see. The house could collapse on you and kill you underneath all the rubble. So, to be safe, you could check the foundation and structure of the house with a professional.

During an Aftershock

If there is an aftershock, stay away from windows. The window could shatter and the flying glass could cut you and cause blood to drip. If you lose a lot of blood, it could lead to death.

this is loma prieta in 1989

How to Help

After a big earthquake, buildings may have fallen over. People could be trapped; if there is a bigger piece, then get more help. If the person or people are bleeding, get a piece of cloth and put the pieces on the injury to stop the bleeding.

Fun fact: a gas tank can blow up to about 8 meters wide during an earthquake.

I hope that this article helped you on what to do when an earthquake strikes. Stay safe and do the right thing at the right time in an earthquake!

Source: book Quake!


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