The RHS Liberty Initiative Free the backpacks

What is our Mission?

Welcome to the RHS Liberty Initiative. We are a group of students enrolled at Robbinsville High School disturbed by new security measures set by our principals in the name of safety. While we support safety, we deem the some of the offending rules unreasonable and ineffective, considering their detriments. We mainly denounce the rule banning backpacks, which requires the use of lockers. We know there are better options available, and plan on politely protesting all rules that limit our freedoms. We implore all students to heed our call and speak up by signing our petition below, but ask that signatures be independent of the influence of others.

Why are we against the guidelines?

Although not explicitly stated, we believe these new regulations are intended to limit the transport of drugs and weapons at RHS, a worthy endeavor. That being said, these rules will prove ineffective at their job. While they may make carrying around drugs or weapons harder, students still have many ways to conceal them such as inside binders, pencil cases, or even water bottles, which many students carry around normally. The plan for using translucent gym bags would also prove ineffective as drugs or knives can be concealed in a rolled up shirt, even in a clear bag. Those determined to smuggle drugs or a weapon will find craftier alternatives. While potential effectiveness, for now, remains speculative, the new complexity of the school day is objective. Lockers have been, and will always be chaotic. With everyone using them, the unhurried intermission between classes will transform into a stressful frenzy. With backpacks, no one is affected by a jammed locker, or the time wasted forgetting something in a locker that you needed for your next class or for homework. After all, everyone is just human, and the streamlined process of yesteryear prevented the many complications associated with lockers. We hope we have convinced you that these new rules have too many drawbacks and if not we respect your opinion in the name of liberty, and we hope you’ll respect ours.


Listed below are the petitions we have created to to protest these new guidelines. Currently there is only one, but if more unreasonable regulations arise we will add more. If you don't agree with our opinions you should have no obligation to sign.

Note: You have to put in your name and email, but we will never send you anything by email. Unless you feel uncomfortable please put your real name as named signatures carry more weight.

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