Geocode Finland Complete Geocoding Suite for Finnish Addresses

Want to turn addresses to coordinates?

Geosprint offers you variete of choices based on your needs. We provide three types of geocoding solutions

  • Geocode Finland Desktop
  • Geocode Finland Server
  • Geocode Finland API

Geocode Finland Desktop

Geocode Finland Desktop is a stand alone Windows Desktop Application. It can be used straight from the USB Thumb Drive in complete Offline environment anywhere where there is a Windows Computer available. It is very easy to use and provides you robust and fast geocoding solution. This is how it works:

  1. Insert USB stick into your machine
  2. Start Geocode Finland Desktop
  3. Drag and drop a CSV-file containing addresses-to-be-geocoded on to User Interface
  4. Select output coordinate system. Geocode Finland Desktop determines automatically the right columns to be used for geocoding based on column names, but you can also set them from drop down menus
  5. Click Start Geocoding Button
  6. Use the result CSV where ever you want. It will be the same CSV as the input was, but with the coordinates and accuracy information for each row

Geocode Finland Desktop uses a tuned Address Database based on open authorative national data sources and is updated regularly. Getting the updated Software is easy through download link.

Geocode Finland Server

Geocode Finland Server is for you who wants to have the state of the art Offline On Premises Geocoding Solution with capabilities to understand misspelled addresses.

Use case for Geocode Finland Server would be for example if your addresses should not exit your network outside the firewall. You would then install Geocode Finland Server inside your network and enjoy the API that it provides for posting batch geocode requests and receiving the geocoded addresses.

Geocode Finland API

Geocode Finland API is public API for you to post batch geocode requests and to receive geocoded information. It is hosted by Geosprint Oy, and based on the same robust technology as the Geocode Finland Server and Geocode Finland Desktop.

This solution is for all of you who need to use Finland based geocoding API through the public Internet without having the challenge to host your own server.


Created with an image by Tapio Haaja - "Helsinki Cathedral in Autumn Sunset"

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