World War 1 Weapons By:David ortman

There were many new weapons introduced in the first war. Many of these have advanced and evolved into the weapons we use today. Country's had to advance with there ways of killing if they wanted to win the war. They knew this and designed new and improved was to take the lives of there enemies. These weapons included the machine gun, the flamethrower, mustard gas, airplanes and tanks. Now in present day all these weapons are even more improved.

World War 1 Tanks
Modern day tanks

Tanks were first introduced in ww1. The first tank used in combat was the British mark 1 in 1916, many of them broke down due to the mechanics of them. Although they were not very successful in the beginning, Douglas Haig thought they should improve the instrument of war. Later in the war General George S. Patton of the United States invented a new tank that was more mobile. Pattons tank battalion helped the allies pushing Germany to retreat which won the war for the allies.

Because of these two men every major military has tanks. Tanks now a days are still used in the front lines as cover because of there heavy armor and there fire power.

Airplanes were first used in ww1. They started off as a way to see the war from the sky so you could get and aerial view of the battle field. Once the war got more in depth pioits began to shoot other pioits out of the airplanes and eventually they strapped guns to the plane and shot other airplanes and down on the war zone. The most used airplane was the German Fokker D.VIIg. There were about 1000 that were built during the war and 3,300 in the following years.

Ww1 planes definitely set the stage for wars to come. Now a days planes are much more advanced. But without the airplanes in ww1 all of the words major Air Forces would be not as advanced as today. Not only do military's use airplanes they now use atack helicopters. With the planes being used in combat in ww1 the out come of ww2 would of been much different.

Ww1 U boats
Mordern day aircraft carrier

The u boat was first introduced in World War I. It what is the first submarine ever used in a war. Germany's the first few boat in ww1 on January 31st 1917. The U-boat was used to take out enemy ships. It was the first navy boat they was fully submerged under water. It could hold 35 soldiers and 12 torpedoes.

The u-boat has made a great impact on navy's accrosed the globe. Today many navy's use aircraft carriers, they house fighter jets and sometimes transport weapons for military. With out the invention of the U-boat many of the world navy's would be much weaker.

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