The life of a Cripple By the crippled himself

It was a warm night in September, and our friend Xavier was not able to walk straight. His legs wabbled and his waist was moving from side to side like a swing pushed by the wind. It wasn't until he was close to his Grandmas place that two thieves jumped out of the blur with two knives:

Scared by the situation, Xavier ran away as fast as he could. To his surprise, he tripped and tumbled down 3 meters into the road. The thieves, amused by the situation, they decided to make fun of him and leave him since he had enough trouble. When Xavier tried to stand up, he realized something was wrong, his anckle was broken!
He crawled my way home trying to seek for comfort and warm. Once there, Xavier called the ambulance and after 5 long hours, his ankle was broken. He was now A CRIPPLE!
his life was hard, tough and he was alone. His parents lived in a different country so he was left there by himself, in the wild life of a university student. He struggled to get to class, always took about 45 minutes to hop his way through. Xavier was not cool anymore, nobody respected him; that is why he hired Andrew, his personal "look cool on crutches coach". He taught him the basics of how to be a crippled and how to deal with life, here is some of his advice:

After two months of practicing, he finally achieved it, he was a cool guy on crutches. He felt good, people talked to him and he was finally doing something about his life. He was able to go out with friends, drink beer and make jokes about each other.

All things be told, you could imagine he used the time to study and be the best student he could right?

Well, you are WRONG! He completely wasted his time playing ps three and whining and complaining about his life. Barely moved from home and consumed more money in video games than in food.

That is why, if you ever brake your leg, ankle or even your little toe, BE PRODUCTIVE, DON'T BE A LAZY PERSON!!!!

And never forget, stay hungry, stay foolish, stay crippled.
Created By
Octavi Oliu Quintana


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