The Great Escape By: Lauren Nash

It felt like it happened only 2 minutes ago, I had it planned perfectly and it went exactly the way it was supposed to, she had thought. It had taken at least several hours to complete but now that it was done, it felt like it had just happened. She had truly fled the castle, but was it what she really wanted?

**Several hours earlier**

As she contemplated the perfect plan to escape her closed off home. Princess Seria had figured out how she would flee in the royal garden. The beautiful smell of roses growing wafted through the air. While the tulips swayed ever so slightly in the breeze and the trees blocked off some of the blinding sunlight, it still poured down onto her neck making her skin sizzle. She tasted the moist, misty, air and it blew with the wind into the egg shell, blue, sky. As she tossed around a old doll from her childhood, she realized she was giving up her childhood and princess status. Though, these things felt like little sacrifices for her happiness at the time. Princess Seria was the daughter of King Buford and Queen Liviana, they were the royalty of the Florentine Kingdom. It was very well known for having magical creatures and many wizards. Many people would say that it was the most magical kingdom in the land because Wizards flocked to it due to its many magical ingredient imports. Now Seria had to come up with quite a clever plan to escape. Today was the perfect weather even. The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, and the whole kingdom was joyous because they were celebrating the start of spring. Since there would be beautiful decorations and happiness surrounding her … it would be an easy escape.

Her first thought was, if I am to go ANYWHERE I must get past the knights who guard every entrance. She figured the best plan was to sneak out of the window using a rope and to slide down onto the ground and swiftly run for the stables. There she would grab her horse, Riptide, and they would dash into the woods. At dinner time her parents, the king and queen noticed her anxious behavior.

Her father suggested, “Seria why not you have a cup of tea, for it might calm your nerves.”

She replied, “Father why do you think I'm being nervous?”

Then her mother chimed in, “Well by the way you tap your finger on the table and you stir your soup in circles, it looks to me like you have something on your mind.”

Then she disagreed, “No, No! See I'm eating my soup now! Nothing wrong! Yep just eating my soup! La, La, La!”

After she finished her soup, Seria rushed up the red, velvet staircase, all the way to her room.

“Phew!” She sighed, “That was almost a disaster!”

Then she started to pack her bag very quietly. She decided to bring about 10 changes of clothes, some food she snook from the kitchen, Seven canteens of water, five blankets, two pillows, something quite like a tent, 3 sets of utensils, 2 daggers, a sword, and one axe. She decided to bring her doll, as a memory of the castle. Oh and of course some supplies for her horse. She was all set, now she just had to wait till midnight, for that was when almost everyone in the castle was asleep. After waiting for 5 hours it was finally time. She threw the lasso of golden, coiled, rope out the window. Then she started to slide down. Zoom! Whoosh! Plop! She hit the ground. Then after taking a look she noticed several knights guarding the palace, so she hid behind prickly, bushes and army crawled across the luscious grass all the way to the chestnut, brown, stables.

As she creaked the old, wooden, door, open a loud, “Neigh!” Was grunted.

Then she found her horse, Riptide, and she got him saddled up with a bridle and all the other necessary items. Finally, it was time. She was going to ride out of her beloved home to see the world, but she needed a word for it. Not a vacation for who knows how long she would be away. She thought. Excursion, that's the word! Then she took off on her excursion and left the castle grounds.

As soon as she left a flood of memories came over her. She remembered how her parents were always so loving, but too careful. She wanted to see the world though.

Once she had asked her mother at five years old as she played with her beloved doll and stuffed animals, “Mama, when can I go see lions, and tigers and parrots and all other animals! When can we see things that we've never seen before?”

Her response was, “Someday, you're just too young, maybe when you're … sixteen.”

Well know she was sixteen and she still wasn't allowed to leave the backyard, so Seria figured that the only way was to take matters into her own hands, and now that she had done it. She had felt joy and sadness.

Well I mustn't get too carried away with my thoughts now! Let's see hmm … looks like I'm in Unicorn territory. Ok, that's pretty safe, maybe I could just sleep a little … yah … it'll be ok. As Seria had slept, it went from night to day, but at the same time she was in a different territory. As her eyes flickered open, green eyes watched her.

“Aaah!” She screamed. “Who are you?”

The eyes belonged to a gremlin, with long horns next to its leathery ears. It was scaly and green with spikes covering its entire body and it had tied her to a stump.

As she sat there he looked at her with curiosity and muttered what sounded like, “Outsider.” Under his breath.

She wondered what was happening then before she could find out, Seria remembered about the sword she had in her pack. Since the Gremlin was stupid enough to not have seen it attached to her hip (Gremlins aren't very bright creatures, it was thought that they have a brain a quarter of the size of human brains). She was able to chop the rope, as she was about to stab the Gremlin, she realized that he hadn't done a single thing to her, so it would be unkind to kill him. Instead out of kindness and hope she spared him and told him to run along, since she had let him live the Gremlin bowed to Seria and ran away. Phew, he could have killed me. She thought. Then Seria continued her journey.

As she got deeper into the forest, the sounds and sights began to get the best of her. The branches were snaggly witch hands. The wind laughed at her as it whistled through the trees and the leaves crinkled at her feet. She started to ride Riptide a bit faster hoping to find some sign of life. Unfortunately she came upon a rustle in the bushes instead. Whoosh! Screech! Clomp! Something was in front of her. Seria froze, to scared to move, afraid it might see her. Then it's head emerged. Then it had completely stepped from behind its barrier. Her horse started to whinny and scream into the sky. A ten foot serpent emerged from the lime green grass.

It slithered toward her swishing side to side. It's green scales glimmered in the dim light. She panicked and grabbed her sword. The bushes closed in on her the green, scraggly, branches scraping her all over. Then it pounced. At first out of confusion she threw her doll at its mouth, hoping it might choke on it. After that failed, she jabbed at it. Left, right, left, right. Finally she had made a hit, but that had only angered it even more.

“Hiss!” It screamed.

It charged at her fangs dripping with venom. She and Riptide dodged as it rammed into the tree. It was still angry. Then she jumped at the neck of the snake. Screech! It screamed so loud as she gave the final blow to its lime green, scaly head.

Whew!Seria thought. Maybe I should head home, I mean first of all my head’s killing me and I don't think I can manage another fight like that. She cried. Thinking of all the trouble she'd be in and how she'd never be allowed to leave again. She saw her doll stuck in the snakes poisonous fangs, she was mad at herself for not thinking because by being rash in return she sacrificed a part of her childhood. All I ever wanted was freedom, but it was harder than I imagined. She thought.

**Present time**

Now that Seria had been through all of those traumatic events she had decided to head back even after her great flee. Eventually she caught up to the knights searching for her and she joined them on the way home. Her parents did decide to give her more freedom. As long as she never ran away. Now this wasn't the end of her journeys, Seria became a valiant fighter, one of the only princesses to ever wield a sword. She was able to train in combat and her parents learned that in life you can have protective walls overshadowing your childhood, but that will make you a lesser human. Seria also learned childhood is for only so long, at the point you decide to loose it, is the time you very much want to gain it again, but that cannot be accomplished.


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