S. S. Chapter 12 Lesson 3 By Laurel Massey

Mosaics- motifs or images created by an arrangement of colored glass or stone

Saints- people considered holy by followers of the Christian faith

Legal- of or relating to the law

Restore- to bring back to an original state

The Hippodrome was an oval arena in Constantinople.

A horse sculpture from the Hippodrome.

Sculptures of horses greeted people who enjoyed chariot races at the Hippodrome.

Rome influenced the political and social life of the Byzantine Empire.

Over time, the Roman influence on the Byzantine Empire faded and Greek influence in the area increased.

The Hagia Sophia, or "Holy Wisdom", is a cathedral that towers more than 180 feet above the ground.

The Hagia Sophia cathedral

The Hagia Sophia cathedral was the largest cathedral in the world for more than 1,000 years.

The End


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