Welcome to the Family Charlotte 49ers football announces coach will healy

The Charlotte 49ers announced on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 the hiring of Head Football Coach Will Healy. The Healy's arrived in Charlotte on Wednesday to tour the facility, meet with the team, and hold an introductory press conference.


Will, wife Emily, and son Eli were greeted at the airport by Deputy Athletic Director for External Affairs, Chris Fuller. The Healy's were welcomed with open arms.

Eli was introduced to Niner Nation with a welcome package from Norm the Niner.


Coach Healy, with family in tow, took some time to walk around the Judy Rose Football Center.

"I think when you drive on this campus for the first time you get a chance to see the facilities and the resources this place has to offer - this place is really special."


After touring the facility, Coach Healy addressed his new team for the first time. He described the family atmosphere that they would build together; the culture he envisions within his program to help raise the young men on his team to be great husbands and fathers, not just great football players.

"Everything you do, do it with passion, energy, and enthusiasm. We've got a Gold Mine here. I love what we're going to do here together. Let's build something special!"

Coach personally welcomed his new team to the press conference and thanked them for their support.


Coach Will Healy addressed the media and the public in a press conference at Jerry Richardson Stadium.

"This place is special. We get the chance to build our own history, our own story. We want fans screaming about Charlotte Athletics, that's my vision for this place. I feel like I'm living a dream. I always felt this job can be one of the top programs in college football."

Director of Athletics, Mike Hill, also addressed the crowd and offered words of support for his new head football coach. "Will Healy reflects our program and institution. He is a young, hungry, up and comer. He is a force to be reckoned with."

"My family and I are really living a dream being here."

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