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Limited government is different then unlimited government because limited government gives more power to citizens and unlimited government gives almost all the power to the government. Limited government takes away some power from the government and it limits them in what they can do. However it gives more power the citizens. It's effective because the citizens can partly rule themselves and make their own decisions and they have the right of the minority. On the other hand unlimited government is like a dictatorship. The leader limits people's rights and the people need to make sure they follow the rules that the leader tells them to do. Unlimited government is a bad form of government because dictatorship is a very ineffective form of government. Limited government is a more effective and citizens get a say in things they do. However there is a big difference between limited and unlimited government.

This is dictator Kim Jong Un which is a similar situation to unlimited government.

A good citizen has many responsibilities and rights, for example a right they have is that it's their right to petition, and vote. But a responsibility they might have is to do taxes. Rights don't come from laws, laws just inforce your rights. Rights are something that you are born with, that nobody can take away from you. Responsibilities are like chores, someone can ask for someone to do something, but that person doesn't have to do it. It might come with consequences but they are not obligated to do it.

This is the White House where our current president lives.

There are Centripetal forces in the EU that bring countries together. The currency, the Euro is in almost all countries in the EU. The common market lets people in Europe travel over borders and still use the same currency, most of the time. Another centripetal force in the EU is the trade bloc. The trade bloc lets people in the EU be more powerful in the global economy, because they wouldn't be individually, and also to bring goods across borders without raising tariffs. There are many centripetal forces in the EU that bring countries together, that make countries and people more powerful than ever.

The green countries are members of the EU

How do people adapt to desert environment? People adapt to the desert environment in different ways. Near an oasis, they have a lot of dirt, so they can easily make a mud brick shelter. Tents are also ideal for travelers that just need quick protection and a roof above them. Another way people adapt is by herding animals, and use camels to carry things. Camels don't need much water for a long period of time, so they're ideal for carrying things across the harsh desert environment, such as tall Ergs to flat hammadas. People adapt to desert environments in many different ways, and these were just a few of them.

This is the Sahara desert , and you can see travelers using camels to carry their things.

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