A Zombie Apocalypse at Clemson Emily Rose Carlton

It’s a Saturday morning in the spring and the zombies have come to invade Clemson. It becomes noticeable they are here because the emergency alarm around campus begins to go off and there are dark clouds around the Clemson campus. It’s like a real life purge. They’re all congregated in Death Valley. It will only take so long until they invade our entire campus.

They have been sent here by the University of Alabama to get revenge us on from taking away their National Championship title. The zombies are dressed in Roll Tide Uniforms. They have already trashed Death Valley. The stadium is an absolute mess. The field goal posts are knocked down. The grass is torn up and they are now looking to now destroy the practice facilities to ensure the Clemson team isn’t able beat them again next year. They are determined and they are angry.

The football team finds out about the Zombie apocalypse and Deshaun Watson and his teammates come into stop them. The Zombies are being really unreasonable, probably because they’re dead and they are trying to push their way past the football team. They are bloody and disgusting.

Our Clemson players challenge the zombies to a game of football in order to resolve the conflict. They decide that if the zombies win, they can guarantee Alabama a win next season, but if they lose, they must surrender and retreat. The Clemson team is very confident they will be able to win otherwise they wouldn’t have bet away their whole season.

Sure enough, the Clemson football team is victorious again. They have killed off all the zombies and restored Clemson University’s name. The Clemson University Campus and its students are safe again. And the University of Alabama has also been billed for the damage expenses.


Created with images by mblouir - "Reflection Pond" • Jo Naylor - "dark" • tpsdave - "university of alabama denny chimes sky" • Shaggy Paul - "IMG_3851.JPG" • JeepersMedia - "Zombies" • Sweet Carolina Photography - "CU vs. Duke 2008 - red, white, blue, AND orange."

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