Respiratory system Diego

Respiratory system parts

Trachea is a pipe canniest sain in and out of your lungs did you have a sip that went down the wrong pipe you will be fine. Carries air in and out of your lungs.

Bronchi is tubes those tubes or air ways let air in and out.

Lungs the lungs get bigger when it's time breath out and keep doing that and you will be good. What are lungs? 2 organs in your chest. Get fresh air in and stale air out, helps you talk. Protected by the rib cage.

Diaphragm is a muscle that helps you breathe. Work out to keep it healthy. Sit knees up, hands under your legs, and breathe in and out.

Pharynx throat at back of mouth carry's food and air. Larynx is a Short tube at the top of air tube voice box has vocrds that vibrate to make sounds. Larynx helps you breathe. The throat is a pipe.

Your oral cavity is your mouth. Your nasal cavity is your nose.

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