Chromosomal Abnormalities Star Larson 4(B) 4/6/17

Down's Syndrome: It is a congenital disorder arising form chromosome defect,which causes a abnormalities including a short stature and a broad facial profile. It comes from the defect of chromosome 21 (trisomy-21) "extra copy".

The People it occurs in are people who inherit an unbalanced translocation.

Klinefelter Syndrome: This is a genetic disorder that affects males. It occurs when a boy is born with one or more extra X chromosomes.

It occurs because theres an error in cell division called nondisjunction. Which results in a reproductive cell with abnormal number of chromosomes.

Turner's Syndrome: a chromosomal disorder that only effects females. It is a lack of part or all of the second sex chromosomes in all or some cells.(Gonadal dysgenesis.)

Its not inherited. It occurs as a random event during cell division in early fetal development.

Color Blindness: is an abnormal condition caused by the inability to clearly distinguish different colors of the spectrum difficulties can be mild to severe it's a misleading term because people with color blindness are not blind.

This occurs more frequently in males then females.

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