Period 1 Orange Team GoKart Peter Walsh

At first we decided to look up different kinds of GoKarts to give us ideas on what our design can be like.
We decided to hit the drawing boards and brew up some ideas. Here is Josh spitballing his ideas on the board.
This was our starting idea. We decided to go for the double handle steering for our first design.
After acquiring a basic idea of our design we decided to clean it up by drawing it on paper with pencil. We labeled different parts on the GoKart such as the brakes, pulley for acceleration, the throttle (accelerator), and our steering mechanism.
After sketching our design we needed to bring in bikes. Alex and I each brought in our old bikes to take apart. Here is josh taking apart one our bikes we are going to use.
What a mess! Here is Josh cleaning up scraps from the taken apart bikes.
After taking apart the bikes we were brainstorming on how to put an axel on the wheel. Our idea was to put a rope around the spokes so the wheel would stop spinning if the wood rod stopped spinning. Our idea failed so we moved on to using a metal threaded rod in our design.
After some design flaws with trying to connect the wheel to the axel, we realized we needed to get together our Vcarve file for points. We laid out what will be cut with the ShopBot on the whiteboard.
These are our laid out pieces we are going to individually cut with the ShopBot. I am cutting the back rest, Nater has the sides of the back, and Alex has the base. We did not write down what Josh was doing that day because he was absent.
Here is the back of our seat. The back of the seat was my part on OnShape to do.
This is the OnShape of the side of the seat. We duplicated this part for so we could have two sides. Nate was responsible for the side of the seat
This is the fork and wheel for the front of the GoKart. Josh was responsible for this part
This is the final part of our GoKart on OnShape that will be shopbotted. Alex was responsible for the body of the GoKart.
Here are all of our parts placed together in the assembly tab in OnShape.
Alex and Josh are discussing more about how the back wheel will connect to the GoKart, right before we get to Vcarve to set up our cuts.

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