Teacher Showcase Series Discussion Board 8

My painting process began by using photoshop to brainstorm ideas, colors and the compositions of my three paintings. One thing I was certain of was that I wanted to work with a limited cool color palette that was displayed with the "eye" patterned background.

After agonizing over how to incorporate bold color, shape and pattern into portraits of my boys, my focus shifted to simple silhouettes of food that would include text. I felt the portraits made the kids look "sick," and choosing food would allow me to simplify my designs.

I began thinking of which foods I wanted my project to include, and how they related to my family. I wanted the work to include food we all enjoy together.

I tried to think of how all three paintings might work together, to function as one complete work of art.

Once I had three foods that fit with my theme, I sketched one on each 18" x 24" canvas.

My favorite part of the painting process was mixing colors! I found it so satisfying to match my paint to my kitchen backsplash and work with a limited color palette.
I used a very smooth paint application and worked with one color at a time. All shapes needed at least two coats to achieve opaque coverage.
Taking time to paint each day these past two weeks has been so wonderful! I just loved the time in my "studio."

Lastly, I used a white acrylic paint pen to add text to each painting. The lettering also required two coats to achieve an opaque aesthetic. I wanted the font to be simple and fun, yet varied and interesting.

Here are my final three paintings:

I plan to hang them in this order, so they read from left to right.
After reading Haley's suggestions, I decided to update the donut and tomato paintings to include a small detail to make the paintings look a bit more complete. Just as the olive painting had the small addition of a toothpick, the donut now has sprinkles and the tomato now has a reflection.

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