Skill-progression Document mapplewell primary school

Within FS1 and FS2 the importance of play is at the forefront of the our curriculum. Through play we need to ensure all pupils are learning and making progress in the different areas of provision.

Music Outdoor Provision

Through using the Early Years Curriculum, the objectives within the document are linked to different areas of provision to show a progression through the skills. It is important that the resources in the provision reflect the pupils needs.

After regular observations of pupils, the provision is adapted to meet their needs, providing support and challenging within continuous provision.

The HCAT Continuous Provision Planner, tracks the skills within each area of provision.

Our observations will then reflect in the resources within the provision.

Our HCAT Continous provision document is used to identify the resources needed within the provision for all pupils.

Being creative

The importance of progression from FS1 to FS2 through the skills developed within each area is crucial to ensure progress through EYFS. As a team we will moderate on a regular basis the provision, to ensure the progress is evident within the environment.