AMAZING SLOTHS!!!! By:Skyler Menchaca

What is your favorite animal. Well my favorite animal is a sloth. You're probably thinking that sloths are nasty and slow. Well maybe I can change your mind about that just keep on reading.
My animal is an omnivore. They can live up to be 20 to 30 years old. Also did you know the sloths are related to things just like humans are? Sloths are related to armadillo and anteaters.
Sloths can grow up to be 27 inches and 69 cm long. They can weight to be 8.4 to 14 pounds. Sloths are heterothrmic which means they have imperfect control over their body temperature. There body temperature is normal range to 25 to 35°C and 77 to 95°F. Sloths body temperature can drop to as low as 20°C and 68°F.
Sloths sleep most of the day and at night they move slowly through the trees eating leaves and fruit.Sloths have multichambered stomachs.That gives them the ability to tolerate the strong chemicals from the foliage they eat.Solths live in tropical forest in Central and South America.
When you look at a sloth you probably see green stuff on the fur. Well that green stuff is algae. Did you know that it helps blend into leaves so it makes it harder for its predictors to see them. As you can see this picture of this you can see it hanging upside down well that wouldn't be possible if it weren't for there long claws.
Sloths Enemies or Jaguars ,happy ,Eagles ,and snakes. Since sloths are so slow there only defense are their claws. Sloths attacked or predators by swiping at them with their long claws. Sloths are not enemies to any kind of animals they eat leaves and fruits.
Now you have seen how amazing sloths can be. Just because they are slow they can still be really amazing. Maybe if we paid attention to the outside world we could see some amazing things in the wildlife. I hope I've changed your mind about how you think about sloths.

Check out these amazing sites....

National Geographic , Brittany School,


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