Smallpox An eradicated virus that used to be contagious, disfiguring, and often deadly.

Smallpox was a very deadly virus back then. It killed nearly 80 million native people in the U.S. alone. The virus was used as weapons and it devoured populations. It killed nearly 90% of Massachusetts. This virus effectived everyone around the world.

This deadly virus changed lives, culture, and history all around the world.

How it passed on?

Smallpox was a very contagious virus. The Spanish brought it to the Americas in 1520. They landed in Veracruz, Mexico and the virus spread north and south from there. The virus was spread by contact with scabs, inhalation of virus, and with any close contact.

How long after you have been infected do you start experiencing symptoms?

After you have been infected you have one week until you start experiencing symptoms of the virus.

Signs of the smallpox virus

Once the virus get into the human body, the is a one week period before the symptoms come in. To know if the patient has been infected they may experience a high fever, a headache, or/and back pain. One the one week during is over the patient will start get blister like scabs all over the body.


The first vaccine was created in 1796 by Edward Jenner. White citizens where the first to get vaccinate. Tribal leaders journeyed out to get a hold of a bit of the vaccine. Thomas Jefferson offered some of the vaccine to them. Each person paid $6 to be vaccinated. About ten thousand Native Americans got the vaccine.

How did smallpox affected native people?

The Native Americans did not have resistance to the virus like the spainish did. No one had immunity to the virus so there bodies were weaker and this virus could be used as a weapon.

How did smallpox impact the surplus of food and population?

People left their fields to care for loved ones or they were sick themselves. This left fields open so the English took them. The native population decreased by 80 million for the 15th century to the 19th.

Did smallpox impact weapons? How?

The Spanish brought it to the Americas and it spread widely for where they landed in Mexico. This virus could be use purpose as well. A General ordered blanket infected with the smallpox virus to be give to Lenni Lenape and to the Mingo Warriors. This allowed the British to take over the fort.

Smallpox was a very deadly disease in the 15th century. Since Edward Jenner created the vaccine there is nothing to worry about. The last case of someone with smallpox was in 1930. Smallpox was a game changer in history.


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