School makes me depressed By: avika pal

School is something I will never like. I have done it for my whole life and I have gotten nothing out of it. I mean yeah I can read and write but what else do I really need. Math? Science? History? Nope, don't need it because I will never use it. Them old teachers are all phonies too. They say you have to learn it or else they will fail you, but why do I have to learn something I only use in school? Its all crazy and dumb and I hate it. I have to get up so early just to go to this place and for what? To sit in 4 different classrooms all day and try to learn things that just cause me stress and make me depressed. Yeah its damn near insane and I won't have it. What is even worse is that I have to go. By law I have to go. What kind of a law is that! Forcing me to do things I don't want to do. Its damn cruel if you ask me. What I really want to do is go out and see the world and sitting in a classroom is not going to do that for me. What I think is that experience allows you to learn, not just textbooks. Its a real shame. Wasting our youth in these goddamn places. It killed me. It really did. I want more for a change. I want to do something that will allow me to learn in all different kinds of ways. Now that would make me happy. School is just an excuse to force kids to learn and see if they get anything out of it. And when you don't, all hell brakes loose making you a failed human being to society. Its a shame. Forcing the developing minds of children to be altered to fit the social norm. I just wish they could see school isn't the answer and that experience is. It makes me depressed. School makes me depressed.


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