Unfairness in School Punishments.

I have been bullied since the fifth grade. Kids called me names, and kicked my stuff so that it makes a mess on the floor. When I had enough, I reported it to the principle.They made me switch classes and left the one who bullied me in the class.I thought it was unfair because they said it was easier to keep that kid in the class.It only got worse in sixth grade.

People who I thought were my friends gradually stopped talking to me. My ¨Friends¨ started to talk to me less and less until I was no longer welcome to sit where they sat.So I was upset that the people who I trusted were being mean to me.

Someone who I thought was my friend who switched schools said that they didn’t like me and that i wasn’t their friend. I told him that he was lying.I found out later that he was telling the truth, and I was to arrogant to believe it, and I later found out that he was right , and if he was here right now I would tell him that he was right.

This same kid was one of the people who bullied me, and when I fought back I was the one being punished. In sixth grade I was suspended for hitting that kid with a empty lunch box for calling me names. Some school systems around the United States don’t care about who started the fight they only care who seems the most guilty, and I am not talking about every teacher in the schools I am talking about the principles.

A Similar incident happened in eighth grade another bully constantly pushes kids into me, kicks me, and punches me. One day he pushes another kid into me, so I push the kid back. He then proceeds to push me into a locker so I push him back into a locker.I did this because I got tired of being pushed around. The next day I was called into the principal's office during second period, and told me I was getting an I.S.S I was not surprised, I knew I would get one. The thing I was most surprised about was finding out that the kid who started the fight did not get an in school suspension.

Now let me just remind you that In sixth grade I was suspended for hitting a kid with a empty lunch box , and when I am standing up against a bully who started the fight I am the only one punished.I just really don’t understand why one kid gets more of a punishment than the kid who starts it.This made me feel mad because of how unfair it was, and made me realize that the punishments that were given out were really unfair. People who are bullied are told to just ignore it and it will just go away , but newsflash people this doesn't work.

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